Sunday, March 03, 2019

Michael Bloomberg's Real Education Legacy

When Michael Bloomberg was Mayor of New York City, he wanted to be known as the "education Mayor". However, the truth is that Mayor Bloomberg used "smoke and mirrors" to artificially raise the bogus graduation rate while student achievement hardly budged.  He also claimed that his polices narrowed the racial/income student achievement gap, which turned out to be fiction and caused Chancellor Joel Klein to resign when the State admitted that their tests were too easy to pass and adjusted the passing rate to better reflect reality.

If you want to read Michael Bloomberg's education legacy then read my posts Here, Here, Here, and Here.  Here is what Chalkbeat says about Michael Bloomberg and while I don't agree with them on his alleged accomplishments, it makes for informative reading.

Under Mayor Bloomberg, class sizes increased, large comprehensive high schools closed, and charter schools were favored over the neighborhood public schools, who were starved for funds.  He was the education reformers shinning star while hurting public school students.

Many of the existing problems came from Michael Bloomberg's policy for the City schools.  Like the ATR crisis. the closing of most of the large comprehensive highs school, the exclusion of parents from the process, and the implementation of fair student funding that encouraged principals to hire "the cheapest and not the best teachers" for their school. His legacy is still in force as many at Tweed are Bloomberg holdovers and the policies that made the DOE the enemy of the classroom teacher is still evident.

Michael Bloomberg's education legacy can be summed up in three words "children last...always".


Anonymous said...

The corruption in the DOE was only exacerbated under Bloomberg. I remember sitting in a staff conference around 2012 and my principal said to us that education as we knew it was over. I had no idea what he meant but it didn't take long. Two or three years later, my school was closed. We, the staff, had refused to play Bloomberg's game.

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg is a great reason for the progressive tax system proposed by aoc congresswoman. A guy like bloomberg was allowed to acquire a tremendous amount of wealth because our dumb politicians allow a system whereby people like bloomberg are created.

Mike bloomberg is the single most reason why we need to tax 90 percent anyone making over 10 million a year. This way goons like bloomberg cannot be created because look what happened as bllombberg was allowed to acquire billions of dollars just because he came up with one good idea in life. Bloomberg was a piece of garbage and just ask any atr how they feel about a guy who ruined the livlihoods of so many professionals that he should be kicked in his ass you sob.

Anonymous said...

Bloomturd finally figured out he would never get elected President, so he dropped out. Go back to Bermuda with all of your toyboys, schmuck...and drop dead.

Joey Jokes said...

The DOE and UFT have gone the way of D.C. They blame everyone other than those truly responsible and just kick the can down the road, never getting anything of true importance accomplished. Over the last few years, it has become painfully obvious that the UFT and DOE are 'sleeping" in the same bed.

Anonymous said...

Under Bloomberg many experienced teachers were targeted while they hire new teachers.

Anonymous said...

The corruption is still present today. There ate still too many active Leadership Principals destroying our schools.