Thursday, March 07, 2019

NYC Reaches Its Charter School Cap

The remaining seven openings for charter schools in New York City has been tentatively filled by the SUNY's Board Of Trustees.  This means that, unless an existing charter school closes down, no new charter schools can be located in New York City.

With both the Assembly and Senate overwhelmingly Democrat, raising the charter school cap in New York City is out of the question and the existing 99 open slots for charters in New York State are not eligible to be located in New York City..   Even if Governor Andrew Cuomo supports raising the charter school cap, he will not get the State Legislature to agree to it..

Rather than rehash why charter schools are not the best environment for student academic achievement, just read my previous posts Here, Here, Here, and Here.

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Anonymous said...

The charter school experiment started in NYC about 10 years ago when Bloomberg was in office. Things became so disturbing for NYC public schools during those years as the mayor was in bed with eva moskowitch charter school success academy.

It got so bad that our skilled genius politicians allowed charter schools to invade our nyc public schools taking up space pushing all the public school students and staff into oblivion. To make matters worse, the genius trader politicians made it law that NYC had to PAY for rent for all charter schools if they were not located within a NYC school!

So the law now states no room for a charter school in your building then pay their rent somewhere else - cannot make it up as charter schools also enjoy the fact of no oversight by the very organization that funds their schools being the state and city. The charter schools send back to public schools the students they do not want - the hypocrisy is through the roof because then the charter schools would go to press and say LOOK AT OUR GRADUATION RATES,,,duh,,,,no shit dik tracy you have all the good students in the city ass wipes

So now we have finally reached the tipping point of no return. Charters and vouchers are destroying states and cities where there is no union or it is a right to work for less states. This is why we are seeing all the strikes around the country. To all charter people who might be reading this I can only say that the charter industry is about smoke and mirrors and everyone knows this except the poorly educated people in this country who may not have learned the language or culture and are preyed upon with propaganda about how great their charter school is.

Eva moskowitch is the biggest snake in the grass among all charters as this woman will fight city hall about anything from water fountains to paint on the walls for her precious piece of crap schools. Always crying about how she is not getting her share yet she has billionaire donors who donate millions to her little kitty.

The future in my opinion lies with our union the UFT. As long as our union stays strong we can fight fire with fire. However, if the masses give in to the recent supreme court ruling regarding unions and paying dues optional and decide to go "alone" then we will see a break in the mold which will open the flood gates. Lets stay strong together union proud - has to be that way - is our union perfect? No. However we need to all stay together to be as strong as we can be.

Anonymous said...

@9:06 pull the pacifier out of your mouth and take a deep breath! let the charter schools have all the "good" kids and let those "good" kids go on to college and make a difference in the world. NYC teachers can take the worst students, have little to no resources and a union that cares mostly about themselves first and the rank and file last and make that child into a respectful productive learning machine!! RIGHT? NEVER MIND.

Anonymous said...

6:06 what the hell are your talking about...Its people like you that make life a sink hole of crap human beings who have invaded a country that is the most successful country the world has ever known until people like you come around. Go find a rock and hide.

Hema said...

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