Wednesday, December 11, 2019

District 28 Parents Object To The DOE Integration Plan

At a public meeting the overflowing crowd of District 28 parents vocally objected to the DOE's proposed integration plan.  Not one parent liked the idea of sending their child from their neighborhood school to be bused from one part of the district to a school that requires parents to take mass transit or an expensive taxi to reach for school meetings or pick up a sick child.

While there is an obvious racial and ethnic components in the opposition, the fact is that the Jamaica section of district 28 have low preforming schools and suffer from student discipline issues, while the Forest Hills schools are high performing and have low student discipline problems.  Moreover, the Jamaica section of District 28 are low income and many families live in poverty, while the Forest Hills section of District 28 is upper and middle class and both cultures are alien to each other.  Having the students adjust to a different culture will only add to the issues of trying to integrate the schools.  Finally, many families buy homes in Forest Hills and Kew Gardens because of the schools.  If you bus these students to Jamaica, these families will flee to District 26 or Long Island.

Based on the public hearing and the intractable issues associated with integrating the District 28 schools.  I see only frustration and failure for the DOE's integration plan.  See my previous post Here.


Anonymous said...

I guess the white people want their schools to remain white. IF these schools are so good, they should be able to make the minority students just as good as the whiteys.

Anonymous said...


Well, no , you racist pig. A childs grades usually reflect their home environment.

Yours truly,

Mr. Whitey

Anonymous said...

Culture is not the same.

Kids from largely stable, working families with traditional values tend to have better outcomes than kids who grow up in largely broken families with little income and lots of social problems and vices.

Integrating them together does not make either community better, but breeds resentment and mistrust from close contact.

All of us have relatives we do not like or associate with because we do not like their values/actions etc. Why are liberals obsessed with putting alien people together then? You cannot engineer a perfect world.

White people are evil/racist/oppressors from birth, according to leftists, so wouldn't it be a kind of child abuse to put non-white kids with hopelessly micro-aggressing white kids?

Why does NO ONE ever talk about busing Asian kids from Bayside or Flushing to black/brown schools and vice versa? Asian kids outscore white kids and so wouldn't that benefit them more?

Anonymous said...

2:10 your comments are disgusting. It's NOT the school that is most important. it is the HOME environment. The parents in those higher scoring schools have parents who ensure that their children come to school ON TIME, PREPARED TO LEARN AND WITH HOMEWORK DONE. Parents who CARE about their child's education is what is most important. Stop blaming white people for other cultures failure to put in the effort for their children to succeed. Asian students are in NYC off planes, with parents with limited English skills yet these students outscore EVERYONE ELSE because they VALUE education, work hard and make education a PRIORITY. If you want to see success in these other neighborhoods the FAMILY VALUES THERE NEED TO CHANGE. IT'S values NOT skin color that decides students success. Obviously, it is easier to blame whitey than face the clear proof provided by the recent Asian immigrant students.
Ms. Whitey

Anonymous said...

Why do you think Trump won the presidency? He told the White people what they wanted to hear. We can sugar coat and use as many euphemisms as we want, but the white people don't want the black and Hispanic kids in their schools unless of course they act like the whiteys.

Anonymous said...

If the people of color, keep waiting for Mr. and Mrs. Whitey to solve the problems, expect the government (local and federal) to solve the problems, never take responsibility for the problems, and continue the out of wedlock, single parent home phenomenon, nothing will ever get better.

They tried the integration plan in the 1970's and things go worse for everyone. Why try it again? because it is a semblance of a solution.

As long as the politicians depend on the minority vote, they will keep pretending to "help."

Anonymous said...

If only these foreign creatures knew what NYC was all about and how it became NYC they would understand....Other than that they are just leaches...sent to you from american tax payer paying for your meals

Anonymous said...

There goes the neighborhood - this is how it happens....invade the good high performing schools with kids from other places who are quite not up to par, then what happens is the good students and families that occupy those schools leave to live in sanity. What is left is a complete take over and there goes the neighborhood and the school.

Next they start to blame all those teachers in that school cause the school is not doing so well any more neit must be those bad teachers especially the atrs..yeah then they figure they should close the school and voila bye bye school. Close it and lets put inside the school 15 other schools yeah that il work.

Anonymous said...

Chaz should do an article on ATR’s.
A couple of ATR’s been placed and not on the school
budget but on Central budget For the duration of their career.
So the teacher is free to the school.

Anonymous said...

Yes 11:38am! I want to hear more about the ATRs being placed free to the school! What is the latest info? If this happens no more ATR pool! That is great!

Anonymous said...

Whether you agree with this plan or not, the transportation of kids across the district is impossible. The MTA buses, school buses, extra cars on the road will kill this plan. The people that think this is a good idea should try taking a bus from the north end of the district to the south and vice versa during the height of morning rush and see if they think a child should do this for 180 days a year.

DOE's ideas lead to traffic, air pollution, devaluing of real estate, parents putting kids in private schools, etc.


Anonymous said...

to 9:55 What does acting white mean to you-studying, doing homework, coming to school on time, getting married, feel free to explain.

FYI I did not vote for Trump. I can't stand him and what he represents but I can't stand people who blame Whitey for the fact that some people within their races CHOOSE not to value education and blame everyone ELSE for their laziness.

Anonymous said...

In the UFT Teacher magazine and in American Educator over the years I have read that homework is racist, teachers are racists, schools are hotbeds of embedded racism like a cancer (just in last month's issue!), that math is racist, and that Western literature is racist and irrelevant to 'students of color' who apparently can only read books filled with 'people like them.' (Makes you wonder: do white kids need to be insulated from stories if there are no characters like them too?)

I have also read in recent years that being on time is a white racist construct, that following regular English grammar rules is racist, that prisons are filled with non-whites because of racism, and that no people of color in there ever did anything to deserve incarceration (yes, I read that). I have spoke personally with left-wing, socialist activists in my own school who have told me that capitalism is racist (while they are holding their Iphones) and that evil white people have stolen everything from everyone since the beginning of time, and that non-white cultures and histories are superior. (The top ten bloodiest wars in history all took place in Dynastic China!)

I have been told that simply being born a white person makes me a racist. Thst I cannot help but annoy non-white people with constant micro-aggressions that I do not even know I am doing. I have read that minorities of all types need 'safe spaces' to get away from people like me. Even though I treat everyone fairly and go out of my way to be nice to all, being a straight, white American male makes me a patriarchal homophobe who hates all immigrants just because I want some border security. Oh, that makes me even more racist!

The debate now is that non-white kids do better in white schools for some reason, but whites are all racists so when non-white kids are entered there every white teacher needs 'diversity' training and every white kid needs to be indoctrinated into hating their own race and history to be an 'ally.'

I could go on, but do you see how the average nice white person is getting tired of all this?

Anonymous said...

There is a pilot program to place ATR’s
into schools with no charge the school. The
ATR will spend the rest of their
career in that school.

Anonymous said...

The integration plan did not work in the 1970's and it will not improve anything now. The schools cannot fix the dysfunction of the home. I remember reading research articles on the disastrous failure of school integration.

The solution to terrible schools is not a mystery, does not involve wasting billions of dollars, the newest "thing" in education, Quality Reviews, or consultants. Stability at home leads to stability in the schools. Chaotic homes lead to chaotic schools.

Unfortunately, we have come to accept chaotic homes as normal even though in some neighborhoods it is the norm. High crime rates, drugs, violence, shootings, jail time, vile language, gangs, gangster clothing, out of wedlock births, teen parents, single parent homes, multiple step-siblings, fatherless families, etc. are not normal. Why would anyone want to bring their children up in such surroundings?

When the mayor, the chancellor and all the administrative minions send their children to a school with the craziness mentioned above, then I will believe in their good faith integration plan.

Anonymous said...

@7:22 You are not an "average nice white person". You are purposely being obtuse about this and misreading all of these things so you can claim "well I guess everything is racist. If everything is racist then nothing is. I guess I don't need to change anything about myself because they're clearly the dummies. I'm the true victim here because I'm being attacked just for existing". For example, teaching western literature is not racist. What is racist is holding up western literature as the only literature that matters and excluding all other voices. Asking to have a couple writers who are not white men does not mean that teaching literature written by white men is inherently racist. You know this but choose to believe the argument is an attack on western literature as a whole. I know this comment is meaningless in the sense that I won't change your mind and I am sure the some of the other posters who are overtly racist on this site will attack me as some sort of "libtard" or whatever. But your BS needs to be called out.

Anonymous said...

to 9:55

STILL waiting for your meaning-

What does acting white mean? You insult white people call them whitey. If I did the reverse I would be a racist. TOTAL DOUBLE STANDARD.

studying, doing homework, coming to school on time, being an involved parent. I'LL TAKE IT. THIS IS WHAT PRODUCES EXCELLENT STUDENTS not skin color, not school location.

Anonymous said...

To 10:26

Perhaps there is a lot of stuff going on that you either ignore or choose to gloss over.

Anti-white, anti-Western activists are really saying and doing what 7:22 is describing.

I have noticed this for a long time but have never really said anything. What pushed me over to caring more was the recent movement of math being 'racist.' Don't believe me, google it.

I mean it's numbers. How can algebra or trig be 'racist?' It does seem that white folks really can't feel safe anymore in the countries that their ancestors created.

Anonymous said...

The DOE's formula for "success": Mix the 1's and 2's with the 4's and we will have all 3's (just passing) schools. When can we get a new schools chancellor that is not obsessed with race?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

10:26 The prisoner told the warden in shawshank and used the word obtuse and it did not turn out too good

Anonymous said...

Dear Richard Carranza, a town in Iowa with population 300 is looking for a chancellor. Please go there you racist snake oil salesman.