Wednesday, December 04, 2019

What Is The College Graduation Rate For NYC Students?

With the high school graduation rate increasing yearly (75.9%) and more students attending college, has the college graduation rate improved?  The answer is a disappointing not really.  Based on the latest 2017 data he college graduation rate for NYC high school graduates is 22% for CUNY and 26% for SUNY.  For two year associates degree from community college the graduation rate is a disappointing 32%.

The reason for the disappointing college graduation rate is that colleges try to maintain high standards and unlike high school, there is no such thing as " credit recovery", scholarship requirements by principals to ensure more students graduate and administrative pressure to pass undeserving students.  Just look at my academic fraud posts.

The bottom line is that less than one out of every four students who enter college will achieve a four year college degree and that is disappointing.


Anonymous said...

Good. That will give an edge to those who do have the degree. We don't want to get to the point where college degrees are given to everyone too. Unfortunately, the high school administrators would rather let student learn the hard way by dropping out of college instead of letting them learn the easy way by failing them and making the course up. A student fails a few courses, they will get the message that they need to do work in order to graduate.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for being objective in your post. I was expecting another blame a principal blog.

The problem is systemic, teachers and admin are victims to the DOE system.

On a macro level, our society does not value education. It glorifies everything but. So why would it be shocking that college graduation and even high school graduations are low across the country?

My students see little value in coming to school especially when their celebrity idols are well off in comparison to any school staff.

Anonymous said...

Administrators have chosen to become administrators in a system that they know is immoral and corrupt. They know that they are selling their soul to the devil to get out of the classroom, more money, and/or for power. I do not see current admins as victims considering they volunteered for their positions.

Most new teachers have no idea how bad the situation is for teachers. They are the victims along with the children who go to school to learn.

What will it take for the NYC taxpayers to insist on a school system that produces more success than failure? The answers are not that difficult; just ask any teacher. Teachers, at no cost, could tell any politician and chancellor what needs to be done to correct the failure of the NYC DOE. If not teachers, just ask any parent who sends their children to a charter school.

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg just stated that he would transform Americas schools like he did in NYC. Does anyone really know how much damage bloomberg did to the nycdoe and its kids and teachers?