Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Chancellor Carmen Farina Continues Her Attacks On Teachers.

When our union leadership was telling the media that they now had a friend ruining the DOE in Carmen Farina and life would become easier for teachers.  However, I was highly skeptical.  Yes the very same leadership, who's President threatened to punch you in the face if you dare oppose Common Core, and is strangely silent on the "opt out" movement that many teacher support, except for the E4E fifth columnists.

 At first, the disappointing Chancellor committed to reducing the obnoxious paperwork requirements, to bring a different tone to the DOE, and eliminate the antagonism at Tweed to the teaching staff.  However, fourteen months into her tenure as Chancellor, nothing has changed for the classroom teacher.  Most of the Bloomberg 300 are still in policy making positions at Tweed, the double standard between disciplining principals and teachers continue, her school budgets and class sizes remain frozen when compared to the Bloomberg third term, and her comments about teachers would make Joel Klein and Michael Bloomberg proud.

Just yesterday she told the press that she approves having administrators harass teachers by observing them many times until the targeted teacher resigns or retires.  Her words were, according to Charkbeat are below:

She said the principal must weed out unmotivated or unsatisfactory teachers by documenting their performance problems and advising them to look for jobs elsewhere. After they stopped by the classroom of a teacher whom Hernandez said she had concerns about, Fariña told her to observe the teacher “many, many more times a day.”

After the tour, Fariña explained that principals can use such methods to convince teachers who are not a good fit for a school to leave.

This is not the first time she went after teachers.  Remember what she said to the newly hired teachers not to hang out in the teachers room and listen to the disgruntled veteran teachers.  You can find it Here.  Finally, her insistence in making ATRs second class citizens in the contract proves her dislike for the "due process rights" for teachers.

To me Carmen Farina is no different than the other three Chancellors who blamed teachers for every ill of the school system and refuse to hold themselves accountable for their poor decisions that hurts the students. Too bad our disconnected leadership prefers to ignore the damage Chancellor Carmen Farina is doing to the members but then again its politics over what's best for the classroom.


Anonymous said...

Hey CHAZ, who are some names of the Bloomberg 300?

Anonymous said...

Dwarka is protected despite her dishonesty, lying and cheating.

Anonymous said...

Repeated observations of me would actually make no difference at all in my teaching style.

But my digital recorder would be getting a good run for its batteries during pre-observation conferences, observed lessons, and post-observation conferences.

Here's my general advice to all teachers:

Do not permit any superintendent or administrator, from Carmen Fariña on down, to speak to you in a manner which is even remotely disrespectful or condescending.

Because, if such occurs, be prepared to promptly detail it in a polite email, send it to anyone who said something disrespectful or condescending, and then copy it to the Mayor's Office and the major NYC media.

Anonymous said...

Why do some ATRS not have any field supervisors I mean assassins???? I don't want them to be tortured but wouldn't that be a HUGE grievance for anyone who receives a U because now ATRs are not being treated equally even amongst ourselves???? This is insane!!! How will they get a rating - I know if I get a U I will being this up big time!!

Anonymous said...

Dwarka retaliates against staff, students, and anybody who opposes her. She has pushed out so many experienced people, that the school now is in shambles.

Anonymous said...

This is a completely wrong attitude. Instead of complaining for equal discrimination, you should be screaming for equal representation.

Anonymous said...

I. Didn't mean to imply equal discrimination at all! Really! I'm just asking how we can use it to the atrs' advantage against doe- and get rid of field assassins for everyone !! How can we do that ???