Monday, January 13, 2020

Charter Schools Lose Again On Teacher Certification

The New York State Appellate Division, Third Department upheld  a lower court ruling that the SUNY alternate teacher certification scheme for charter schools was not allowed under State education law.  The Appellate Court unanimously rejected SUNY's argument that they had the authority to have an alternative teacher certification for charter schools.

It's no secret that charter schools are having trouble in recruiting and retaining certified teachers and by State law are only allowed to have no more than 15% uncertified teachers on their staff.  My guess is if the State scrutinize the charter schools they would find that most violate that limitation.  Take Eva Moskowitz's Success Academy High School in Manhattan that saw an astonishing 70% teacher turnover in one year.

  I know of a Science teacher that was unfairly terminated by the DOE but every year charter schools compete with each other to hire the teacher since most of them lack a certified Science teacher.  The Science teacher tells me that every charter school she teaches in, the next year most  teachers are either not invited back due to money, incompetent administration, lack of certification, or because many teachers quit during or after the school year.

The State and local teacher unions as well as the NAACP, the Board of Regents, and The NYSED oppose the alternate teacher certification scheme and the unions called the SUNY teacher certification scheme as "Fake certification".  The alternate certification scheme only consists of 160 hours of classroom instruction and 40 hours of practice teaching and allows the charter school to self-certify to get around the 15% uncertified teacher limitation.

Will SUNY appeal to the NYS Court of Appeals?  Probably since they are supported by deep pockets charter school supporters but with a unanimous decision at the Appellate Court, it does not look promising for the charter schools.


Anonymous said...

Is this Dwarka's schools?
AP after AP
Teacher after teacher
highest turnover rate in Queens
Lowest teacher ratings year after year, after year, after year,
lawsuit after lawsuit after lawsuit
How does Lindsey the Superintendent rate her?

Anonymous said...

The disgusting UFT should be advertising this instead of how we were ‘made complete’ via a no interest loan that has yet to be completely paid.

Anonymous said...

Dwarkas a toothless skank.

Anonymous said...

I don't want to sound racist but the teachers are leaving because of the kids...they are animals that are raised wrong and not taught to behave like humans.

Anonymous said...

what annoying is if you visit the NYSED data site... all the nyc ppublic schools listed do not list teacher turnover becuz most NYC DOE schools have thee same amount of teacher turnover in the shjty district. the misinformation is real and not ur fault chaz.. its becuz after I had point this out to UFT head hanchos they had removed all this info unless u foil it. - Chris Lee