Thursday, November 08, 2012

New York City And Long Island Are Forced To Ration Gas As They Are Not Receiving Their Fair Share Of Gasoline.

Odd and even gasoline rationing is being implemented in New York City and Long Island because of the severe gasoline shortage for the area.  It turns out that the often quoted 62% figure was based upon faulty methodology and the actual gasoline supplies to gas stations are a paltry 38% in thee NYC and Long Island regions.   According to Mayor Bloomberg only 25% of gas stations in New York City are open. No wonder there are long gas lines!  The Governor owes all the motorists of New York City and Long Island an apology since it was not drivers topping off their gas tanks but the many gas stations that had no supply of gasoline to sell.

Now it seems the Governor's optimistic forecast that gas lines will disappear by the end of the week is wishful thinking.  Instead the federal energy agency expects gasoline shortages to persist for the rest of the month. Their excuse that too many refiners are either shut down or operating at reduced capacity rings hallow as the rest of the tri-state region has seen adequate gas supplies and no gas lines as a result.  In fact the Department of Energy stated that 72% of the gas stations are open and pumping gasoline as of today.  Well if 72% of the gas stations have gasoline in the NYC Metropolitan area than the Mayor's 38% for NYC and Long Island shows that outside the two areas, there is nearly 100% availability of gas, yet they get the gasoline from the same refineries as NYC and Long Island. How could that be if the same refiners serve the various regions?

I believe there is something very fishy going on here and an investigation needs to be done to find out who or whom are diverting gasoline supplies away from New York City and Long Island that has caused the gas shortage and long lines and no gasoline rationing for New York City and Long Island when there should be none. 

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