Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Delegate Assembly Needs To Vote No Tomorrow.

As the teacher evaluation negotiations go down to the wire, I fully expect that our union leaders will cave to the Mayor and agree to a teacher evaluation system that will result in thousands of terminations two years down the road.  It appears more and more likely that Mulgrew and company will capitulate to the DOE and put many of its members in danger of losing their job.

Since I assume the teacher evaluation system will be implemented in the 2013-14 school year, it will probably take until 2015 for the results to be reviewed and analyzed.  While I have no clue what the results will be.  I can make an education guess that 20% of the teachers are in danger of getting a rating of "ineffective" and a good 87%  of them can kiss their job goodbye.

How can any right thinking person allow their members to be exposed to "junk science", a rigorous and punitive rubric using Danielson's Framework which even the author objects to, and the poor understanding of how the teacher evaluation system works by the administrators. If the union was so confident that the members support them, then why not bring it up to a rank and file vote?  At a minimum, the union should demand that the Bloomberg Administration give the "City pattern" with full retroactive raises as part of the terrible teacher evaluation deal which really needs to be voted down.

I am asking that the Delegate Assembly to vote with their members interests at heart and not what the Leadership tells them to do and say "NO" to a teacher termination program that destroys tenure tenure an "due process rights".


Anonymous said...

Chazz, I work in a large school building with 4 smaller schools in it. I personally spoke with the chapter reps at all of them. However, ONLY ONE UFT REP from my building is going to the DA meeting on Thursday! I was very animated in letting these folks know that if they do not attend to vote down the evaluation program that they will be held personally responsible for allowing the firings to commence. Lastly, these reps are 100% in the dark about the magnitude of this evaluation deal. They are either purposefully being left in the dark by the Unity crew, they don't care, or they are Unity members themselves. However, these are all younger teachers and I have known them a while and I truly believe that they have been left in the dark by Unity. They were all SHOCKED when I explained what is on the line with these evaluations but they still do not have any sense of urgency in what will take place on Thursday. I urge each and every teacher in NYC to personally talk with their school UFT rep and tell them they must vote "no" on Thursday. This whole deal may have been created by the head honchoes at the UFT, but it is the individual school chapter reps/delegates that will have the chance to vote. They will be the ones to yell at come Friday if they sell us out on a new evaluation. Of course the majority of them are a part of the Unity crew. However, that does not mean that you can' talk firmly to them in a stern and personal manner. They were elected to represent the rank and file, NOT Unity.

Anonymous said...

I agree. My deadline for having an agreement to look over before tomorrow's vote was this evening. There's no way I would vote yes tomorrow on something so important without having a chance to look it over, analyze it and discuss it with my members.

If there is a vote tomorrow, I'm voting NO!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at the top brings forth a great point. I too can echo this sentiment. Sadly, I believe that out of a staff of over 200 in my school, I was the only one who approached one of my delegates and told her that I am expecting her to vote no on this issue. My school body of teachers have absolutely been left in the dark about this. Many have heard rumblings but they never once took the time to investigate or ask questions. The topic of evaluations and their specifics have never been brought up in chapter meetings - never! I too have asked about this. I am sure it is like this in many schools. Let's all hope for the best in the next 23 and a half hours.

Anonymous said...

Chaz, tell your people at the union NOT TO GIVE UP 3020a rights!!!! More important than the evaluations!

Anonymous said...


You are the best! I like that you speak your mind and don't mind ruffling feathers. Every teacher should read your blog, even if they don't always agree with you.

I particularly like it that you are nobody's puppet and tell it like it is even when the union gets mad at you. Keep up the posts.