Friday, October 16, 2015

Do Charter Schools Outperform Public Schools? Apparently Not.

I was reading the New York Post opinion page and another so-called expert claimed that charter schools outperform public schools and that parents need more choice with a greater number of charter schools.  Interestingly, a very respected education blogger, Gary Rubinstein has crunched the 2015 New York State numbers and found that the claim of charter school superiority is an illusion.

According to Gary Rubinstein the charter schools outperformed the public schools in Math but under performed the public schools in English. Therefore, based simply on test scores, the vast majority of charter schools failed to show that they're superior to the public schools.  Moreover, Gary Rubinstein showed that despite the claim that charter schools have a poverty based population, his graph demonstrated that the charter schools had a poverty index lower than the public schools.  Meaning that the charter schools had a lower percentage of students who were eligible for free lunch due to their economic need than the public schools.

When one considers that the charter schools have a lower percentage of English Language Learners and Special Education students and many refuse to backfill students who were expelled or encouraged to leave due to the charter schools draconian discipline and academic policies their failure to outperform public schools is shocking, to say the least.   Add to that, lower class sizes during the testing years, constant test preparation, and high teacher turnover, the charter results are highly disappointing and shows that the charter school claims that they provide a superior education than the local public schools is simply a mirage.


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Anonymous said...

just goes to show you that most NYShitty students are dumb!

Anonymous said...

Just curious, If you lived in a poor inner city neighborhood, would you prefer your child goes to local failing school or a charter school?

A teacher

Chaz said...

Anon 11:07

I would want my child to have an experienced teacher who rather teach my child the total educational experience and learn to socialize rather than a test prep factory, with inexperienced teachers, high teacher turnover, and no ability to express independent thought.

Why do think that no student from the success academy ever was able to make it into the specialized high schools?

Anonymous said...

Failing how, test scores? All that shows is that a certain percentage of the students are not 2 years above grade level. Are you calling grade level students failures? Test prep is not teaching. Shocking, isn't it that all those private schools also agree that test prep, common core, and high stakes testing aren't teaching?

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