Wednesday, October 28, 2015

THE NAEP Results Show That Common Core Doesn't Work.

For the first time in twenty-five years the NAEP scores went down or remained flat for both Math and Reading nationwide and in New York State,  In New York City the scores remained essentially flat despite the rise in charter schools and  more intensive after school programs.  This is the first, and I suspect not the last time, that the data shows that Common Core is a failure.

The NAEP scores is the "gold standard" of testing and this proves that the emphasis on Common Core is a failure.  Interestingly, education officials tried to deflect the blame by claiming the flat or declining NAEP scores were due to poor teacher preparation, larger percentage of poor and minority children, and that it was a one year hiccup.  However, its very obvious to me that Common Core is not the answer to student academic achievement.

The bottom line is that the NAEP results show that Common Core is a failure on so many levels when it comes to improving student academic achievement.


Anonymous said...

Does this mean that for 25 years it has increased? Wow, that's amazing. 25 straight years of increases? This correct Chaz?

Anonymous said...

Well, it could be worse..93% and 96% fail rate in Motown after $18K a head spent. I spent roughly the same amount for 8 years of Catholic School for my kid who now gets 94 Average at a Specialized HS. What an awful parent/teacher I must be! I knew there had to be a reason they made me an ATR: Poor results with kids.

Anonymous said...

This is the story of the crazy principal who just quit. If you remember she was the one that made all teachers throw out their chairs and desks because she did not want anyone sitting down......Another luny boon principal in the news in NYC...only in NYC do we have these wacky principals ------she quit!!!! The story states this was the 3rd school she was at after being removed from the previous two. Yet, the DOE was still keeping her as the principal....the only reason she is no longer around is because she quit and not that the DOE removed her...

Chaz said...

Anon 2:26

Good for your child but how about the remaining 98% who made the specialized schools from public schools? Did they fail?

Money going to charter schools is money not going to public schools and unlike charter schools they can't expel miswbehaving or academically struggling students.

As for the ATRs, it just shows how ignorant you are. Many of the ATRs are highly experienced teachers who cannot be hired due to DOE budget policy. Read my blog on fair student funding. Moreover, the renewal schools are hiring "newbie" teachers and the students continue toi fail with ineffective teachers.

Slap your self on the back for making a good decision for your child but your ignorance on how the educational system works just goes to prove you know little about real education policy.

Chaz said...

Anon 12:31

No it means that this is the first time that their was a decline with no increase in any of the four tests.