Friday, October 09, 2015

My Response To The E4E Survey.

The education deformer front group, Educators 4 Excellence (E4E) has published an online survey that is geared to make the E4E fifth columnists look like a real organization that advocates for teachers.  However, this survey is clearly a transparent attempt to recruit  new members and retain the few they are struggling to keep.  Thanks to ed notes we now have the survey and is shown below.

The E4E cult make it seem that they really want to improve the teaching profession but they really want to indoctrinate educators to drink their kool-aid of education deform as they are funded and supported by Bill Gates, StudentsFirst, and Democrats for Education Reform, all education deform groups who support charter schools, and despise teacher "due process" rights. .

Let's look at the questions they asked and my response to these questions.
 Question #1:  My Response:

Few of the E4E members are experienced and tenured teachers.  The majority of their members were from Teach For America and few lasted beyond their two year commitment

Question #2:  My Response:

E4E's voice comes not from the teachers but their education deformer benefactors and supported Mayor Bloomberg's policies over that of the union's and its members.

Question #3:  My Response:

Strengthen teacher power?  Who are they kidding?    E4E believes in merit pay, a strict teacher evaluation system based on "junk science", wants to eliminate seniority rights, and supports pension reform that reduces teacher pensions,  All the core principals of education deformer groups.. In a nutshell E4E wants to drastically reduce teacher "due process" rights not strengthen them.

Question #4:  My Response:

How can E4E elevate and make the teaching profession more prestigious when the cult takes their marching orders from organizations that disrespect and demoralize teachers and their profession and make them "at will" employees with limited benefits?  Sounds like double speak to me.

The bottom line about E4E is they are a cult with few members that follow orders from education deforms groups and not what's best for the teachers.  Stay as far away as possible from the evil influence of E4E.

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