Tuesday, October 27, 2015

More New York State Parents Find Common Core Harmful To Their Children Then Support It.

A New York State newspaper, the Journal News in the Hudson Valley found that more parents found Common Core harmful to their children than support it.  By a 2 to 1 margin, 40% of the parents found Common Core harmful compared to only 21% supporting the program. This should put to rest the myth what education deformers and the Governor claim that the "opt out" movement was a teacher union driven agenda and that most parents support the Common Core.

The Governor, who has seen his favorable ratings drop below 50% because of his education agenda and while it has plateaued of late, the next round of testing is only six months away and "opt out" rates are expected to become larger since the Governor insists on a 50% teacher evaluation based upon the junk science associated with high stakes testing.  Since 75% of the parents who "opted out" their child cited the teacher evaluation tie-in as the reason to "opt out" and his new education panel is forbidden to change the teacher tie-in,  there will be a higher "opt out" number and should result in a further erosion of the Governor's favorable rating.

It's time to support the "opt out" movement until the junk science tie-in  is eliminated.

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