Tuesday, February 21, 2017

For Randy Asher, Its Three Strikes And You're Out!

In baseball when a batter has three strikes he is out. That appears to be the case of Randy Asher, the ex-Principal of Brooklyn Tech.  Under his watch three staff members have been accused of sexual misconduct.  One went to jail, while the other two resigned when presented with the evidence. Interestingly, the third accusation was substantiated by SCI in December and that is about the time that Chancellor Carmen Farina removed Randy Asher as Principal of Brooklyn Tech and put in charge of the ATR issue.  Coincidence?  I suspect not.

If my suspicions are correct and Randy Asher was removed due to his failure to properly oversee his staff, then look for little or no change in the ATR situation since Mr. Asher will have no power to force principals to hire ATRs.  That's right, regardless if he succeeds in stopping the rotation, few, if any ATRs will be offered permanent positions and unless principals are required by the Chancellor in filling their vacancies with excessed teachers, the ATR crisis will continue unabated.

I hope I'm wrong but knowing the DOE and how they have brainwashed principals, especially the Leadership Academy principals, that ATRs are "unwanted" or "bad" teachers and the fact that Mr. Asher will have no authority to significantly change the hiring process, along with the continuation of "fair student funding", makes hiring qualified ATRs a rarity.

You can read the other staff stories Here and Here.


Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with you more!

Also, if I'm a principal I'm not taking orders from this clown to place ATRs.

If I'm a principal and this guy tells me something he holds no water.

Asher must have something on farina. They needed him out of tech but didn't want the negative PR so why not make him head of ATRs?

All political propaganda

Anonymous said...

The Post also claimed ATRs are from phases out schools or teachers who have been disciplined.

Where's the Uft with a retraction? Oh wait the Uft and most members feel that way too

Anonymous said...

A demotion with a raise! Only at the DOE!!!

Anonymous said...

Many educators love your site but please have more class. Randy Asher is now a ambassador principal (a promotion). He can go back to Brooklyn Tech anytime he likes and is still the principal of Brooklyn Tech. Plus, he received a 25k raise. Randy was never under any investigation and is a very strong principal loved by everyone including UFT.

Chaz said...

I heard this from a high placed source. If I'm right then there is little change in the ATR situation. If you're right then next month we will see real change.

Guess where I'm placing my money on?

Anonymous said...

If everything was so great for Mr. Asher, he wouldn't have accepted the new position, despite the fact that he was given an additional $25,000. After all, none of the other Principals are going to listen to him. They are going to do just as they please.

Anonymous said...

Chaz is correct, as usual. My Principal told me that Mr. Asher was kicked upstairs and put into a position with no power to get him out of Brooklyn Tech.

I like my Principal but like all Leadership Academy types he has a mistaken impression of ATRs, even the ones who come in and really connect with the students. He once told me the ATRs should be fired since they eat up valuable resources.

Anonymous said...

I conservatively estimate there's at least 50 music teachers in the ATR pool. If one of them doesn't get the newly vacated position at Brooklyn Tech I think we can all rest easy this whole Mr Asher Talent coordinator 'drain the ATR pool'is a scam

Anonymous said...

Loved by everyone including the uft? Uhhh, no!