Thursday, April 09, 2020

Coironavirus Update Including UFT Members

UFT President Michael Mulgrew told the Executive Board that 26 UFT members have died due to the coronavirus and I expect more to follow before the pandemic is over.   How many UFT members  became sick because Mayor Bill de Blaio failed to close schools the week before he did and then forced teachers into potentially contaminated buildings the next week, is unknown?

While the Mayor and Governor are optimistic that the curve is flattening, it's still going up  and the increasing death percentage is very disturbing.  The latest numbers, as of Friday evening are as follows:








Shady said...

Forget Deblasio's incompetency let's discuss Mulgrew. When Deblasio could not bare to have us safe at home - where was Mulgrew? Who is supposed to look out for teachers? Mulgrew or Deblasio?

After this is over DeBlasio needs to be held accountable. Personally, I believe he needs to be on trial. Criminal court. This bastard is a criminal. He murdered NYers. This will prevent a next time. Will prevent another incompetent idiot taking the mayor's office and refusing to make a decision.

Principal union president helped schools shut down. Cuomo listened to principal president. Afterwards our incompetent UFT president tried to jump on the bandwagon.

Enough is enough. Notice DeBlasio won't release number of teachers dead. He knows a lawsuit is coming. He needs to be sued personally and dragged through the mud the same way he dragged us into coronavirus schools.

Even now the subways are packed. Incompetent. Now, he wants to cancel summer school. Whatever happened to his "we need to feed and keep kids off the streets?" argument?

Anonymous said...

Imagine how many more staff members and residents of the city would have died if they were successful in keeping the schools open the week of March 16th with students in attendance??? Unconscionable!

Anonymous said...

@4:18 AM - De Blasio knew it was dangerous to open the schools. Remember when he stated that he was afraid to close the schools because they may not open for the remainder of the year? That says it all. He knew it was dangerous and still wanted schools open. As a politician with in charge of NYC he had information of the severity of this virus and he kept the schools open and remained hesitant.

Anonymous said...

I am from one of the schools that was contaminated. Grand Street Campus. They knew several people had the virus and did not cleanse the building and made staff report. Yesterday one of our staff members died. The DOE is now KILLING teachers! When is there going to be a revolt?!

Anonymous said...

What is Mulgrew good for anyway?

Anonymous said...

DeBlasio has said several times that he wanted to keep the schools open to make sure the kids got fed and to keep them corralled. Maintaining the lives and health of the students and school staff, regarding the Corona Virus, was not on even a thought.

It would be helpful if the CSA and the UFT worked together to keep the administrators and teachers safe.

Anonymous said...

Where are are the hard questions?

the great Cuomo / DIBlazios gets into their press conferences everyday talking big like they saved the city..
Can anyone dare to ask How many teachers /staff members have died from the incompetence of NY STATE AND NYC POLITICS??? maybe they can hire the squad( aoc plus 3) to help them navigate New York since minorities like myself are at more of a risk than anyone else. Shameful Shameful The Dems are a joke the jackass symbol suits them perfectly
This is our leadership?
Blame Trump and run that should be the slogan for the democratic party

Chaz you are great at getting information on this blog is it possible to get an update soon on how many of our colleagues have passed away? I know two teachers who I have worked with and a para who passed away this week. I am sure there are many others who know someone in our profession. sad sad

Anonymous said...

De Blasio is known to be a pandering moron who makes very poor decisions...yet we are again surprised when he makes another very poor decision.

I get it, this was a particularly poor decision...but if he gets another chance to make a particularly poor decision he will.

Anonymous said...

Yes and maybe we can get back the 8% fixed on the TDA too!

Shady said...

Right now the city is trying to scare people by claiming fiscal crisis. No money. No resources. THIS is a way to scare and frighten the sheep. A way to deflect incompetency and possible jail sentence for DeBlasio the dummy. He is a murderer.

I have always been 1000 PRO UNION but a real message to Mulgrew and leadership needs to be sent. Mulgrew you sissy boy, you want to put our lives in danger? You got to stay home and in an office. You didn't visit one school. Did you? BUT you did stay quiet kissing DeBlasio ass.

You wait until this is over. There will be meetings and hearings. There needs to be a committee that votes on whether schools close or not. This can't be decided by a mayor.

DeBlasio would have made us work on 9/12. Even schools in low Manhattan by 9/11 site would have opened. This is incompetency. Lack of decision making. Rapist. Trash.

Shady said...

@3:02 we can't start asking about 8 percent when the city is claiming fiscal crisis and Mulgrew is in their pockets getting sidekicks.

We need to focus on holding Mul-never-grew balls and Dumb Bill accountable.

Anonymous said...

DeBlasio should be charged with manslaughter and Mulgrew accessory to manslaughter. Mulgrew has to go ASAP. If he’s representing teachers next fall, he will sell out everyone. Do not allow it - pull your dues in June, if he refuses to step down and drastic change isn’t installed in the UFT.

Shady said...

Just heard Deblasio say "I understand over 100,000 might die in NYC but we need to focus on 3rd grade promotion criteria."

nerd said...

Mulgrew compliments all the hard work we've been doing with remote learning but lets spring break be taken away from us like a nerd's lunch money.

*He doesn't represent teachers.
*He kowtows to everything the DOE asks for.
*He never says, "No. That's not happening under my watch. Teachers first."
*He doesn't to challenge the status quo.
* He tries to sell everything as a "victory for the union."
*He and his cronies don't take grievances to the highest level.

I predict:

The last retro check (Fall 2020) we are due will never be seen by members. We will be told, "Weneed to surrender that money to prevent layoffs."

* We'll be asked to take a "temporary" pay cut.
*Salary and longevity steps will be frozen.
*He'll allow principal and assistant principals to perform observations virtually.
*The TDA percentage might be cut again
*We'll be told to work summer or not get paid.
I can't imagine what else.

The unions of uniformed personnel would never put up with this . They'd say , "Not on our watch."


Anonymous said...

That's not happening. Everyone is getting paid and so are educators. Educators are working. We don't work for free.