Saturday, April 04, 2020

Work Seven Days And Get Four CAR Days, How Is That Fair?

It appears the Mayor and the Chancellor have agreed on compensation.  For the seven day Easter/Passover vacation, the City will give everybody four CAR days.   If the teachers are teaching remote learning all those days then why aren't they getting seven CAR days?

Obviously, if UFT members would vote on the compensation deal it would be rejected overwhelmingly.  However, our union leadership has no intention to let the members vote and embarrass the City.  In return for the four CAR days the teachers give up their entire Easter vacation, including Thursday and Friday April 9th and 10th.

Will the UFT sue the City for additional compensation?  Maybe and maybe not, we'll see.


Anonymous said...

Here is the lesson plan for what was previously Spring Break.

Don’t stress.

Just post these seven one question assignments.

One question a day.

Copy and paste responses here on Sunday 4/19/2020. All of us. At once.

Question #1 of Spring Break Forced Labor Thursday 4/9/2020

Why do you think the mayor made your teachers go to work in the schools for three days after determining it was unsafe for you?

Question #2 of Spring Break Forced Labor Friday 4/10/2020

During your last full week of school how safe did you feel if you attended? If you did not attend why?

Question #3 of Spring Break Forced Labor Monday 4/13/2020

Why do you think the chancellor directed principals NOT to report confirmed cases of Covid 19 in your school? How does that make you feel?

Question #4 of Spring Break Forced Labor Tuesday 4/14/2020

The governor and mayor believe that keeping “school” open during spring break will keep you inside, making social distancing more effective. Do you agree or disagree with that decision? Why?

Question #5 of Spring Break Forced Labor 4/14/2020

Originally last Thursday and Friday were days off for religious observance. The mayor decided to add them back as attendance days even though the governor did not require it and other districts have off. How does that make you feel?

Question #6 of Spring Break Forced Labor 4/15/2020

Do you feel like the mayor is keeping you and the citizens of NYC safe? Why or why not?

Question #7 The Final Day of Spring Break Forced Labor
Do you think the mayor taking so long to close schools (he even closed broadway first) caused more of your friends and family to become infected? Do you think this makes him responsible for the deaths of students, teachers, paras, and administrators who died as a result of being infected by Covid 19?

Call it a civics/current event/participation in government lesson. The whole family can participate just like Mr. Carranza would like during that week!

Blergh said...

Chaz, that isn't the compensation. It's for people who take religious observance during those days. I doubt very much we'll get anything good out of it, but Mulgrew's email is clear that it isn't the compensation.

Anonymous said...

coming next:

1) delay of next scheduled raise by 4 months (originally scheduled for May)
2) delay of previous back pay (originally scheduled for October) till next February
3) extension of current contract by 6 months

Unitymustgo! said...

I disagree, the city thinks 4 Car days is compensation. Good luck to Mulgrew and the UFT in ever getting more. The real issue as I see it is being self created by our wonderfully conscientious members. Quite frankly teachers are doing too good a job. Seriously folks slow down. The one thing that luckily still hasn't change that much is the message that this is new and hard and that expectations are low. We are blowing that. I'm already starting to the see the shift as administrators are looking at where we are now and beginning to ask for more. No one said, you had to go live. No one said record yourself. No one said create lessons that create student work you need to grade. That's on us. Everyone needs to simplify and slow down.

Unitymustgo! said...

7:50 AM. You must be a half-full kinda person. All pay will be frozen. No steps or raise for at least 18 months (my opinion). Final retro payment, mmmmm maybe never. I recall something about how our retro isn't actually pay, but bonus? Something like that. That is why they are able to get away with all the ways to not pay people.

Anonymous said...

To 7:50.. I wish those were the least of our worries. I think that people who are concerned with the small matters oh, and they are small in this extraordinary environment, are not realizing that we could really lose the whole thing.

Anonymous said...

Mulgrew and the UFT are useless. 7:50am, you are spot on. Those raises for May are done....

Anonymous said...

Although the retro money is ours, they aren't going to give us a dime of it October 15.

Noel said...

The thought of spending 49 more hours behind a computer screen is raising my blood pressure! Also, what happens to the Open Market transfer period?

Disgusted in Queens said...

When I opt out in June will I still be able to participate in the catastrophic medical coverage? Right now it lists it as UFT medical on my pay stub. Does any one know?

Anonymous said...

Actually I feel it is 10 for 4. We had never used the 3 snow days. We got no credit for those either. Other districts had extra days built in around Memorial Day. We get nothing. Just lose, lose, lose. Thanks for nothing Mikey.

Disgusted in Queens said...

Also, how does it work with dental and prescription coverage? I thought when I go to the dentist or pharmacy, we have UFT Dental and prescription. Thanks in advance for the help.

Anonymous said...

Just lay off all the untenured teachers. Problem solved.

Anonymous said...

@11:58 Open market will be open, but try getting an in person interview.

Anonymous said...

Additional compensation in the form of a tier 4 retirement incentive?
get rid of the non internet savvy teachers
reduce costs short and long term
save the young and healthiest teachers

Anonymous said...

@4:52 PM - Shame on you for making the comment "save the young and healthiest teachers". Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

@247... Wow that's a solution. Let's just screw the untenured teachers over who have families. Great solution for all of us who are supposed to be in this together.

Anonymous said...

Hello disgusted in Queens,

A couple of years ago I went to the UFT Office and no one seemed to be able to answer my questions about opting out and losing my insurance etc. I repeatedly find that our union gives out erroneous info. and I can't believe the amount of dysfunctionality. I continue to pay dues. I regret having to support a union that could care less about its members.
I'm retiring soon and I don't want to continue paying dues. In March I could not do my final consultation and next week I will be doing a phone consult. The union was supposed to mail me the pension toolkit but I never received it.

Anonymous said...

Dear UFT,

I know you said you are negotiating compensation for losing Spring Break. I though you might like some ideas. Here is what Home Depot is doing for their workers who are just working as before, not during previously contracted vacation time, and not unionized. (I know, I know, the Governor) Really sounds like they care about their workers. I could be wrong but read on.

Home Depot is doing this.
Supporting Our AssociatesOur associates are important to your shopping experience. We have implemented the following actions to support them during this crisis:
•Added 80 hours of paid time off for all full-time hourly associates and 40 hours of paid time off for part-time hourly associates to be used at their discretion at any time in 2020 and paid out at year-end if not used
•For associates who are 65 years of age or older, or determined to be at higher risk by the CDC, added 160 hours of paid time off for full-time hourly associates and 80 hours of paid time off for part-time hourly associates to be used at their discretion at any time in 2020 and paid out at year-end if not used
•Providing paid time off for any associate who has contracted COVID-19 until released by a doctor •Providing up to 14 days paid time off for any associate required to be quarantined by a public health authority or the CDC
•Providing additional bonuses to hourly associates in stores and distribution centers -- $100 per week for full-time hourly associates and $50 per week for part-time hourly associates
•Providing double pay for overtime hours worked by hourly associates
•Extended dependent care benefits and waived co-pays

Anonymous said...

4:52: The young and healthy teachers are the ones who call in sick the most.

Anonymous said...

@7;04- im trying to convience the doe reasons to do it-not you- dUH

Anonymous said...

Protection of all staff is needed. When I was young I did not live or rely on my parents financially. Was married with a child and a home. Twenty plus years later, am paying for college education and have my family obligations so we all need to work. Let's stop going against each other and unify. All age groups need their jobs and if education is their passion, I know that is what got me into the education field, then please let's unite. I do know that when I started I never disrespected my elders and/or those with senior years in the DOE. Sorry to say, but the young these days are disrespectful and actually think they will not age. There will be a rude awakening whether stay in this field or go into another.

Anonymous said...

As far as I know we are not making up for missing any days of work.
We are being required in an emergency to work from home without being paid in the present.
We are being "compensated" with a deferred benefit of four sick days for seven days of work consisting of 6 hours and 50 minutes per day.
The deferred payment of four sick days can be cashed out at 50% discount payable during the three years after termination of employment.
Our employer (DOE) has not told us up front how much we are being compensated now.

Conclusions and options:
We have a pay grievance.
We can each file a complaint on our own with the Department of Labor and have them investigate of what looks like an unfair labor practice violating several federal statutes.
We can each hire our own employment lawyer.
We can group together and file a class action law suit against the UFT and DOE.
We can whine and complain on blogs and do nothing bu t hope and pray.
We can rely on the UFT to represent us and get ripped off again when Mulgrew throws our financial concerns under the bus.

Anonymous said...

NYC DOE tight-lipped about coronavirus cases among educators

By Susan Edelman

April 4, 2020 | 6:31pm

Following the deaths of a principal and a teacher, the city Department of Education still refuses to release a tally of employees who have caught coronavirus.

School principals have been required to internally report students or staff absent because of COVID-19 or its symptoms, The Post learned.

But DOE officials won’t make the numbers public.

“We are determining how best to collect this information in one place,” said DOE spokeswoman Miranda Barbot.

It’s unclear why the department is keeping the data secret while the FDNY, NYPD and other city agencies have released regular updates on the number of members out sick with suspected or confirmed cases.

DOE principals have been directed to report COVID-19 cases to a central office, and file reports in the DOE’s Online Occurrence Reporting System, or OORS, records show.

Brooklyn principal Dezann Romain, 36, died from the virus March 23, the same day school buildings were closed to staff and students. That week, another principal in the same building, Ronda Phillips, 48, landed in the ICU.

Last week, Sandra Santos-Vizcaino, a dual-language teacher at PS 9 in Prospect Heights, died at age 54.

Teachers have complained that Mayor Bill de Blasio’s late decision to close the schools likely spread the virus to staff, students and their families.

While school buildings closed, online instruction continues — and attendance must be taken.

The concern about unreported cases is especially pressing now, as workers at 435 schools across the city prepare and hand out “grab-and-go” meals to anyone who wants them.

A number of workers who handled food and packaging have fallen ill, staffers told The Post.

“Many of these workers suffer from underlying conditions, they really are risking their health by reporting to work,” said a manager who is home sick with the virus.

On Thursday, Councilman Robert Holden posted a Facebook message saying he learned a cafeteria worker at PS/IS 49 in Middle Village — one of the meal sites — tested positive for COVID-19.

After Holden called the DOE, the school closed two days for cleaning, he said.

But the councilman remains concerned the virus will spread as people line up to get the bagged meals — breakfast, lunch and dinner.

“I believe the DOE should stop the grab-and-go model, and instead partner with Meals on Wheels and other delivery organizations to bring meals right to the homes of families who request it,” Holden wrote. “This will keep more people inside and lessen the risk of further spreading the coronavirus.”

Anonymous said...

You still get the benefits in the welfare fund, it's just ADMINISTERED by the UFT. The DOE pays for your meds, MD insurance. How you haven't been able to find this is a bit of a mystery, but the UFT will go out of their way to make you think you need to be a member to get them. They've even sent me (I am opted out) lies in the mail stating I better join to get my medical coverage. UFT LIES, LIES!

Joey said...

@Disgusted in Queens2:22 PM
The catastrophe medical insurance is a scam you will never see a dime from it. Don't count on this plan to ever get you any money in your retirement plan.

Bronx ATR said...

One of the best things I ever did was to stop paying dues to a completely corrupt, vile and openly disrespectful, disgrace of a union facade - the UFT. They allowed you to go into schools they deemed too unsafe for students, where they refused to fight for the disclosure of those teachers sickened or dead that went in for training - even while all other city agencies do so. Mulgrew making a frown and uttering the word ‘irresponsible’ was deemed the ultimate union action getting the schools closed for students. Now Mulgrew is furiously tweeting his displeasure at deBlasio for having teachers work religious holidays, while still keeping his nose firmly on deBlasio’s anus. How much more abuse are you willing to take, while Mike smells nothing but roses?

Anon2323 said...




Anonymous said...

The mention of the comment @10:03 PM is excellent in regards to the DOE partnering with Meals on Wheels and other organizations to keep more people at home. The need for workers giving out the food and the people coming out of their homes to grab these meals will be eliminated.

Anonymous said...

The Bronx is about to become virus central. All the teenage motherfuckers are out robbing, fucking and getting high, just like it’s another day at school. No masks or condoms. A warning to Mulgrew with deBlasio - rim jobs are very dangerous under the current circumstances.

Anonymous said...

City should return fixed TDA back to 8.25% like administrators still have.

Anonymous said...

Hello Anonymous 10:04 PM,
Yes the UFT goes out of their way to dissuade teachers from opting out...lies, lies and more lies. Thanks for the info.

Anonymous said...

The UFTj 8s completely anti-teacher and Mulgrew cannot be trusted.

Anonymous said...

There's a lot of old, disgruntled teachers here made at young, untenured teachers. So your solution is to get rid of all of us? The majority of fuckwit teachers who are tenured still haven't figured out how browsers work, let alone Google Classroom. How about we try to stick together instead of participating in Age-Prejudice comments on both sides.

Highly Effective King Clovis said...

I've been given just about zero guidance during this whole mess. I'm an ATR, and a little over 2 weeks ago, they say to me, "Hey, this teacher is retiring, so you're going to take over his classes." Kinda odd, I thought. Like, did this teacher just tell them he was retiring or is this the same guy I'd heard was retiring that every teacher knew about for months (it was)?

They didn't give me a google account until LAST WEDNESDAY, and that was only because I attended an IEP meeting via Zoom for a student I've never met, and whom is not on Google Classroom. So much digging and nagging just to get on.

But I have zero training with Google Classroom. I posted an assignment and ended up totally screwing the pooch, as I didn't know you had to make a copy of a form before sharing it. Now, I know better but still. I have had zero interaction with other teachers. I don't know what other people are doing. I'd probably benefit from that.

The City and Doe are an absolute mess. In the midst of a great crisis, they react instead of being on the front lines. We'd all be 3020a'd if we did what the mayor and chancellor have done.

Anonymous said...


"Age prejudiced comments" the one you posted?

You tool...

Anonymous said...

8:36 It's the young teachers giving the administrators the abusive power they have. Years ago the young teachers had integrity. Now they pass all the kids and do whatever admin tells them to do. They make the older teachers look bad, and lots of us know how to use computers and google classroom. Don't make blanket assumptions. You young teachers don't even know English. It's mad not made.

Noel said...

Divide and conquer! The enemy has already won!

Anonymous said...

@8:36 AM - Word of cautious my friend. Older staff know or could learn how to utilize platforms. We all have master's degrees and above, in addition to life experience. When you talk about older teachers that they don't know how browsers work, I guess your parents don't know either. Disrespectful.

Anonymous said...

@1:30 PM - I agree with you. Years ago when a young staff member started they were respectful and did not go around kissing admins' butts. They did have integrity. What do you see these days? All these young teachers talking real fast which accelerates your entire body. These young teachers of today are going to drop dead from stress.