Friday, April 24, 2020

The DOE Has Loopholes In The Hiring Freeze

The DOE has quietly informed principals that the hiring freeze has loopholes and they can still hire Special Education, Bilingual, and shortage areas like Math and Science.  Look for principals to hire "newbies" by falsely claiming that all the hires are either certified in those fields or in the process of attaining such certification.

As for ATRs?  Look for principals to try their hardest to carve out exceptions to the hiring freeze so as not to hire an ATR for their vacancies.  Will the union leadership make sure that principals follow the rules?  Based on past performance by our union leadership I highly doubt it since they get double keeping the ATR and the "newbie" they hire.

The latest update (Friday) of the covid-19 count can be found below.







Anonymous said...

It was like that last year too!

Why not place all ATRs first especially in a budget crisis!

Mike said...


Are you surprised by this?

The doe has played these games for years.

Great point on how it helps the Uft for double dues.

The song remains the same witg the Uft and doe

Anonymous said...

They did the same thing during the last hiring freeze. How do I know? I got hired during the freeze in an area of surplus, but they got through on another loophole (hard to staff schools), which pretty much opens up hiring to half the schools. It's not a real hiring freeze.

Anonymous said...

SO the city with help from the principals will still waste money on ATRs even though it's bankrupt. They will cancel all programs for the students but still waste money when they could save millions placing the ATRs.

Anonymous said...

Last thing I want to be is hired by some crazy principal.
Right now I am in a school with a normal principal.
If they asked me to stay I would.
But as an ATR it is probably not going to hppen

Anonymous said...

Two years ago, I wound up working for a principal who took over right before school started and she hated my guts. I told her that aside from her title, I had zero respect for her. Basically, she was a bully and hated me and told me she has no use for me. Ugly situation. Chapter rep was helpful, but I was excessed illegally at the end of the year and was pissed.

Then, school started and I worked in a school as an ATR where I was respected and appreciated. I forgot what that felt like. The same thing happened this year.

I don’t think the ATR pool is dying.

What I am saying is that if you are excessed, sometimes it’s a blessing in disguise.

I actually saw the principal who excessed me randomly at a gas station in the morning a few months back and wished her happy holidays. She looked right through me. Her excessing me saved my career. I have had 2 solid years in a row.

Shady said...

This mayor has no clue how to run the city. Does anyone think he knows how to run the DOE? He is right now overwhelmed even as the city is shutdown. He is also protests do not break out against his handling of this coronavirus fiasco.

Now, as far as hiring. Yes, principals can hire special ed but when and how? 65 Court Street is on lockdown. You'd think they'd open up like the post office and control where people stand, put up glass or plastic barriers etc... BUT no. We are talking and dealing with an office still run like we are in 1965.

As of right now yes, you can hire special ed and other positions where there are no ATRs. BUT HOW? Again 65 Court St is closed. For next year, nobody knows anything. But think if there is not 1 ATR in the borough with that license then why would principals not be able to hire?

Reminds me of when Carmen Farina said, "ALL schools need to hire more guidance counselors." She implemented a plan to hire 1500 guidance counselors. At the same time she implemented a hiring freeze on all guidance counselors.

If the DOE was a comedy sitcom they'd make billions but they want to remain or claim they are a serious organization. Let me run the DOE. I'd make them billions of dollars.

Anonymous said...

It is a conspiracy from the Bloomberg era this whole ATR status situation and although he is no longer in power, the residue has been left behind. Think about it. Why would a principal want an ATR status person, especially if have 20+ years. Case in point. I was in a school where the principal wanted to put me in two situations that would have been illegal. The union came in and this principal freaked out. This principal has been getting away with things for years. Even had the chapter leader excessed because that particular chapter leader would confront this principal. There are all sorts of things going on out there and quite frankly if a principal does not want an ATR placed at their school site, then let their voices be heard. These particular principals should be placed on a list that no ATR permanent placements are needed there. Last thing I need after having 20 years of beautiful service to the city is that some principal does not want me. Then, there begins the friction and problems. The assistant principals follow the principals'leads so no thank you. Unfortunately, this system is contaminated with fraudulant, malicious and vindictive people. We go into the field of education to work with children, but due to politicians and wealthy people this field has been turned upside down and not in a good way.

waitingforsupport said...

@9:44 pm. Good for you!!! That horrible principal sounds as if she has bigger problems than little ol you. Stay safe

waitingforsupport said...

Shady for Chancellor.

waitingforsupport said...

@9:50 am. I agree. I understand the threat of harassment by admin but I can't wrap my head around why won't all of the staff stick together. If a peer is being harassed everyone needs to stand by their side. The teaching profession is being ruined by folks without ethics.

Anonymous said...

My CAR balance on the 4/30
check is the same as the 4/15 check,so not only did I not receive a car day on the 16th of April I did not receive the four extra days we were supposed to.Anybody else having the same problem?

Anonymous said...

@9:44 what borough was that? is she still principal?

Anonymous said...

Does anybody know a retirement counselor
that does retirement counseling privately?

I’m thinking I’m not retiring because it’s hard to
get the paperwork. I’m not comfortable doing the
final over the phone with the Union.

The union does not mail the forms.
TRS does not mail the forms the
counselor said the they’re not in the office.
They say go online.I went online but I’m sure
I’m missing some forms.

Having trouble which ones to use.
The union and TRS is upside down now.

Maybe I won’t retire

Anonymous said...

@10:04, Trs website gives you a pretty good idea of your pension provided your estimated salary is accurate.
By summer I would expect the DOE and TRS to be opened, with priority given to those lwho are eligible to retire.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like workplace pussies

Anonymous said...


I worked for the state, but was overwhelmed by the retirement system and all the paperwork. 1:45 sounds like the best advice. No doubt about it, retirement is a total, complete life change. All the other life changes there is a lot of literature and support, retirement-not so much.

Anonymous said...

If I have to wait to the summer to Hand in my
retirement Forms I lose the double dip, summer
Pay and Retirement pay.

Anonymous said...

@shady you run the DOE those letters would take on a whole new meaning Dumb On Everything
Daily Outrageous Eggplant. You could put duhhshawn in charge of transportation. All the bus drivers could hand out samples of weed. You could be so funny at times.

retired teacher said...

to 10:04 pm - Be careful of outside pension advisers. Most likely they will try to get you to buy something or move funds around to their benefit. A friend was nearly persuaded into moving her rather large TDA into other funds. The best thing is to get advice from several advisors before choosing one.

How many forms do you need to retire? I am retired a long time and I remember going down to Worth street to apply in person. It was one paper. At the school the secretary gave me an application to remain in GHI.

You do not need a principal's permission to retire. If the principal is a decent person you might give him/her a heads up.

retired teacher said...

to 10:04 - the retirement form is on the TRS website - just go to the forms section. You also need forms to continue electronic depositing of checks as well as deferring the TDA. Once you retire you cannot add to the TDA. You also have to contact the UFT (if you are a member) to become a member of the retired teacher's chapter.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chaz, thank you for your input. This makes me feel better as a pre-service teacher in grade 7-12 science (Biology). Do you have any tips for new teachers (with Masters degree and Initial Cert) trying to land a DOE job for the fall? Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Chaz, thank you for your input. This makes me feel better as a pre-service teacher in grade 7-12 science (Biology). Do you have any tips for new teachers (with Masters degree and Initial Cert) trying to land a DOE job for the fall? Thank you!

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