Wednesday, April 22, 2020

It Appears Chapter 683 Summer Pay Will Continue For District 75

There has been no decision whether NYS will have a summer school program since neither the State or City government will have funds to pay for the programs.  However, for Special Education programs in District 75, it appears that the Chapter 683 program will be continued this summer, be it remote learning or actual classroom instruction.

Chapter 683 is a federally funded program that pays Special Education schools to provide year-round instruction.  In New York City it is District 75 schools who provide instruction for the most severely disabled students in the New York City Public Schools.

Chapter 683 pays eligible educators 17.5% of their annual salary and it's pensionable.  The program usually starts before Independence Day (July 4th) and ends no later than August 15th.  Educators get two absence days and if the educator does not use them, they go into the educator's Cumulative Absence Reserve (CAR) .

Note:  Some community advocates want the DOE to pass all students, regardless if they participate in remote learning.  You can read it Here.

The latest update (Thursday) of the covid-19 count can be found below.







Anonymous said...

Makes sense. I assume D75 will still have to provide services for D75 students all year round. Stupid article in my opinion.

More importantly the DOE is discussing and will be having summer school. It will not be full summer program. Maybe grade 5, grade 8 and high schools especially graduating seniors. NOT all students will automatically graduate high school. There are still a large number of students not doing their work.

Coffee said...

Just to note that everyone can work chapter 683 as long as they have a special ed cert, coming from either d75 or general ed.

Coffee said...

And believe me, even with the 17.5% the program still can't get enough teachers because as you know working with special education students especially those with severe disabilities is absolutely exhausting and draining

Veteran who has seen it all said...

In the doe, we have been passing kids for years(especially in middle school). I know it is not a popular view, but it is a fact. Even if we send them to summer school, administrators have told me they will pass over the summer for showing up a few times.

You can’t have 17 year old kids in the 8th grade.

The doe is set up to fail. That is just the truth.

Remote learning is not equal for all. Why punish those going through unprecedented hardships?

Work until 2:20, do what you can as a teacher, and hopefully we go to a pass/fail system.

I can’t tell you how many emails I receive at 9 pm that says work has been submitted and it’s blank.

Some of my colleagues gave out their cell phone number to the kids? Are you kidding me? That’s a great way to get yourself some 3020 charges. As t this time as well as most times in the doe, our job is to survive.

This is not a career. Bloomberg and weingarten(yes, weingarten) killed this as a career with the 05 contract

Anonymous said...

I used to work at a District 75 school. Some of our students had serious health challenges. I hope that they will be safe. Also, there should be protocols in place for all students and staff before going back to work-masks, hand sanitizer, distancing, days off if you are ill (I know there are 2, but is that enough?). Many of my former students wouldn't have benefitted from computer learning, so I definitely see the point of going back to the classroom, but the DOE and teachers must be prepared.

Anonymous said...

If you are teaching gym or shop classes, a senior teacher can earn 20k for doing nothing for 6 weeks. Not too shabby.

Retired d75

Anonymous said...

I'm an ATR and I'm earning a 6 figure salary for doing nothing. I just check my email once a day. I didn't have any classes when classes were cancelled. As for the students, the parents have a lot of nerve trying to persuade the doe to pass every student. That is not fair to the students who are working hard which is many of them not to mention it is insulting to the teachers doing all the work. I suggest pass fail for students who want it and traditional grades for students who want it. A student with a 90 shouldn't get just a pass. Some students have to fail to make everything look legit.

Anonymous said...

@11:06 enjoy it while you can- next year you'll be stuck like the rest of us doing remote learning and figuring out who deserves to pass or not

Anonymous said...


Lmao. A proud gym teacher I am

Anonymous said...

No one asked for the creation of the ATR status. Remember how it was created and the reason behind it. Remember how large schools were being shut down and replaced by smaller schools to create Bloomberg's vision. The UFT went along with it and hence, the ATR status will not be going away. Numbers will fluctuate within the ATR pool, but the actual status will not go away. After realizing the mistake of having gone along with the creation of the ATR pool, the UFT will not give up its members thus setting a precedent for other unions.

Anonymous said...

I'm happy 4 u. D75 teachers get a break.

Unfortunately, we will be scapegoats again during this new recession.

Summers off, solid paychecks and benefits , nice salaries, pensions, annuities, etc.
Retirement envy.

We felt it before and lost a point and a quarter on our fixed tda. Be aware that it will rear its ugly face again.

Anon2323 said...

Proud PE teacher making 100k, missing my per session money.

Going to miss coming from bed to an online google meet instead of waking up before 6 and traveling.

Anonymous said...

Will we be seeing the raise Asst. Principals were supposed to get on April 23rd?

Anonymous said...

Fuck the assistant principals

Anonymous said...

I read 62 teachers and staff have died from Covid. It's probably higher now because Covid was around before March 2020.
Home Instruction Schools 683 is grueling; working in the worst neighborhoods, the students make you deathly sick, endless paperwork and the parents are crazy. The admin. of coarse doesn't care ... and now with Covid-we're at high risk. It used to be a snap before Bloomberg because we had academic students and then they put those students in the PID Summer School. The DOE pays those teachers the flat per session rate. So glad I'm on leave and retiring.

Anonymous said...

I'm a D75 teacher. This year I'm teaching PE. It's been a smooth ride with remote learning. I imagine the DOE sticks with this service -delivery model for the summer, which is fine by me. It will free me up to do some remote teaching as I travel.

Anonymous said...

Will they just have the teachers working or will they have the paras as well for 683?

Anonymous said...

Grade inflation (or pressure to inflate) is the secret ingredient in all DOE public schools outside of D75. I know this first hand. I received a print out of all the SpEd ICT kids' failing grades (like 9 out of 10 of them), and was told to "do something about it". Doctor the grades?

Kids get a 55 for having their face down on the desk from Sept.-May, and then lift one finger in June, write their name, misspell it, get all other answers wrong on the "task" (wanted to say worksheet or ditto but that's frowned upon) and magically get boosted up to a 65 due to the power law. Yes, I understand a lot of kids come from shit homes, and a lot are truly intellectually impaired, but that's actually a minority. Most of them come from OK homes, and can get onto Snapchat juuuust fine... There is no impetus to do well, because nobody can earn a zero. Hell, if I had this shitty model when I was in high school, I'd be a completely different human. The reason for this, they say, is if a student scores below a 55 on a course, then they won't be able to re-take that course. *eyeroll*

Anyway, is 683 happening? I am in limbo waiting.

Meredith said...

You can work chapter 683 but you will be competing with d75 teachers and retention rights. If you do not currently work in d75 you will only get per session rate. And you only receive retention rights after completing 2 consecutive years of satisfactory ratings in Chapter 683. It’s not as easy as everyone thinks to apply and get it

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

By when do we find out if we are chosen for summer school my stats for application still says pending and i have no retention

Anonymous said...

I have seniority but no retention, I haven't gotten picked for chapter 683. I started in a D75 two years ago.

Unknown said...

I thought I was the only one. Apparently, Summer in the city jobs is still hiring. Chapter 683 should at least let us know. Class started yesterday.