Monday, April 06, 2020

Zoom Gets Zapped By The DOE

Many high school teachers uses Zoom to connect with their classroom students.  They use zoom for it's simplicity and the ease of use for all involved.  Moreover, Zoom can be connected by cellphone as well.  However, the DOE zapped Zoom because it claims that it violates student and teacher privacy issues and can be hacked.  This is the very same DOE who saw no problem to give charter schools and outside data gathering organizations student personal data without parent approval, so they can use that information to their advantage.

The DOE needs to make things more difficult for both students and teachers rather then come up with a simplified plan to make remote learning easier.

In New York City the coronavirus infected is now 67,551 with the death total raised to 2,450 or 3.6% while the State numbers are 122,031 and the death rate is 4,159 and a mortality rate of 3.4%


Anonymous said...

Any dingbat teachers who were foolish enough to use Zoom will hopefully stop. Give weekly assignments via Google Classroom. Grade/return as they come in. Repeat weekly till we are back in school.

We (especially the eager beaver youngster hipster techno wizard teachers ) are our own worst enemies.

(Doesn't take a genius to realize that video chatting kids is a no-go from the get-go.)

Anonymous said...

Google classroom over Jupiter ed? Why?

Anonymous said...

@9:38 AM - Brilliantly said.

Anonymous said...

@ 9:38 Maybe some people want to do a good job, and care about their profession.
while it may seem foolish to you- you would be a fool to them.
some people like to earn their paycheck and not just leech off the system while complaining about students doing so

Anonymous said...

Alert: June Regents have been cancelled. No ratings this year for teachers it looks like. Oh, what a shame!

Anonymous said...

@1:28 PM - Teachers that have been in this profession for a long time are aware of the pitfalls to such video platforms. A few days into utilizing ZOOM this occurred, but staff that have been in this profession for a long time are well aware of security and other issues that may occur. Utilize these platforms with cautioun. It is second nature for younger staff to utilize these platforms yes, but be cautious. That's the message. In addition, working beyond contractual hours provides no leverage to school staff. When there is a school-wide approach to not work beyond contractual hours the value of the profession increases. Bunch of teachers work for FREE.

Mike said...


How is that guy not flooding his job or milking the system?

You do what you can do. Period.

Anonymous said...

By doing the bear mininum possible is the same as the students you complain about who do the mininum!
I fail to see the difference. please explain why you are right and teh students who do the mininum for a 65 are wrong?
youre bearly showing up
signing in - same as kids showing up
1 assignment per week? not grading and bragging about it?

Anonymous said...


No, platforms such as Zoom do not facilitate student learning but I felt so cool doing it. I am sad :(

Just because old fogies think teachers will be blamed if kids do/say something awful on camera or tape the teacher out of context or zoom-bomb each other is not a reason to stop inspiring kids. It's for the children.

If you loved kids you would love Zoom - instead you are just riding the gravy train, hating kids, taking the easy way out, coasting in a cushy gig, trying to do a bad job, etc.

Anonymous said...

@5:25 PM - Is that a joke? "If you loved kids you would love ZOOM"? That statement is hysterical.

waitingforsupport said...

@5:09pm...complaining about the students coming to the school building only to walk the halls or be on their cellphone is often talked about on many blogs. However, i have never seen these teachers talk about how their not teaching negates their argument. They're giving out grades and unfortunately some students read the memo and are not even pretending to go to class. It's a wash:
Some teachers aren't teaching but pass the students
Some students are not going to class and are passing.

Prehistoric pedagogue said...

5:09 PM Bear minimum. Really? If you are not joking, you should seriously be ashamed

Anonymous said...

My bottom line is that all this screen time is not good for any of us. It doesn't matter whether it is Zoom, Meet, any other google app, Youtube, or "next best thing" software. The DOE, the public libraries, education companies, principals, fellow teachers keep pushing more screen time. So when the students and teachers are done with the 3, 4 or 5+ hours on the computer, they get on their phones to do more crap or watch TV, netflix, et al.

We have seen that pre-existing conditions are a common thread in those suffering greatly from the Corona Virus. All this encouraged screen time contributes to many of those preexisting conditions! Books and articles have been written about the addictive nature and negative mental and physical health consequences of these screened devices. I cannot be the only person who sees the irony in all of this.

I understand that computers, ipads, phones, and televisions are here to stay, but do we have to push so hard and get so excited about cajoling people to spend more time in front of them?

Mike said...

I know I will get ripped for this comment, but why bother with the kids who don’t care? I’m not a miracle worker. I can’t walk on water and I know for a fact that the kid who cuts class all day, sleeps when forced into the classroom or curses me when I ask him/her to work just doesn’t want to be there for whatever the issue they have is. That is not my doing and I wish him/her the best and I will be cordial, but I will not beg.

Why as teachers do we fight the battles we can’t win?

I’m saying this because I have found that at this point, very few students are doing work that I teach.

If admin wants to pass them, then they can do that.

These types of students don’t even look at their report cards.

The kids who care also don’t care about these students.

Do your best with the ones who care and all of your lives will be a drop easier.

I know I will get the ‘well, admin wants you to contact their families.’ Nod, say ok and don’t do it.

And don’t get me started on the teachers working 14 hour days now. Why work for free when we are not mandated to?

In about a half hour, I’ll put my lesson together for the day after I eat breakfast. Before 8am and after 220 is my time.

Oh, and from 12-1245 and for two other 45 minute blocks are my time, too.