Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Mayor De Blasio & Chancellor Richard Carranza Have Blood On Their Hands

At least 47 school based adults, including 3 school safety officers, have died and it is highly likely that the Mayor and Chancellor's resistance in closing the schools could have resulted in unnecessary deaths.   Fortunately, the coronavirus seems not to adversely affect school age students but they are carriers to their adult relatives and school based personnel and contributed to the rapid spread of the virus in New York City. One doctor believes that 80% of the children in the City are carriers of the coronavirus.

The DOE, under intense pressure, finally released the death count of DOE employees and it has totaled 50 so far with more to come.  Of the 50 employees at least 44 were UFT members, including 21 teachers, 22 paraprofessionals, and one guidance counselor.  .Of course there is no way of knowing how many became sick because the City refused to close schools earlier,  Read the entire New York Post article Here.

The latest update (Thursday) of the covid-19 count can be found below.






Read the opinion article from a parent about the problems in remote learning.  Moreover, teachers no longer trust Mayor Bill de Blasio and Chancellor Richard Carranza who delayed closing schools and have blood on their hands read it Here.


Anonymous said...

Chaz. How do you feel about the UFT not saying a word about teachers being sent into a three day trading in schools that were closed for students?

Shady said...

Once this is over we need to protest and hold these bastards accountable. By bastards I mean Mulgrew and De Blasio. Carranza is a puppet who from day 1 said "Mayor wants us open." Carranza took no ownership and can't be held accountable. He gets a pass.

Mulgrew loser bastard and dummy De Blasio will be held accountable. We need to attend meetings and protest. Never again will this happen.

Anonymous said...

If kids can carry the virus and show no symptoms, do we need to test them before schools open again? Will teachers be allowed to wear masks?
A lot of changed are going to happen.

Is danielson rubrics still really going to fit into the new age of teaching and evaluations ?

Anonymous said...

Yes they do have blood in their hands, as well as, the UFT. A real union will protect educators. Check out the NY Daily News story on the Correction Officer union how they sued to get protective gear. A union has to SPEAK UP and file lawsuit if need be.

Anonymous said...

Correction Officer union sued for protective gear and the right to get tested for COVID-19.

Bronx ATR said...

Chaz, That opinion piece referenced, wasn’t from a teacher. No teacher, unless on the UFT payroll, would have failed to mention Mulgrew and the UFT’s complicity with deBlasio and Carranza’s crime.

Anonymous said...

The NY Post has their own agenda. The Post's agenda is to get Carranza fired. Not sure why? Carranza is only a puppet for the mayor. We need to get rid of this mayor.

Anonymous said...

Excellent question....everybody needs to be tested before going back....and what about co-located schools???? The coordination of getting everyone back into buildings is going to be crazy.

Anonymous said...

We need to get rid of ; 1. DeBlasio and 2. Mulgrew; not necessarily in that order. I can’t get rid of DeBlasio, I have to pay taxes. I can however stop paying dues.

Anonymous said...


Maybe you don't understand the relationship between the mayor and his appointed chancellors/commssioners......they serve him, not the rank and file.

NYCDOE teacher have Mike Mulgrew. (I'm laughing so hard, I think I wet myself)

Disgusted in Queens said...

Carranza needs to go too. DeBlasio and Carranza are useless and clearly do not have the ability to lead.

Anon2323 said...

You should have minimum of 15 years as a teacher to even have any shot to be nominated for Chancellor of our city.

To know all the ins and outs all the problems that occur in the DOE to make affective change. Cannot bring any outsiders here .

Even before this pandemic Cuomo, Dibalsio, Carranza, and Mulgrew were absolute disaster. They all have to go, would be nice to finally get 1 republican with common sense and sense of proper law and order. Beyond sick of liberal after liberal destroying this state with wasted policies and money.

Anonymous said...

4:31 PM - That's right. Please keep your sense of humor. Really though, Mulgrew should have shown some guts and publicly questioned and objected to educators and staff returning to the schools. As the 'shit hit the fan' now they all look bad - De Blasio, Carranza, Cuomo and yes, Mulgrew. The alarm should have gone off with the union - ding, ding, ding, ding. Will this be safe for my members? PUBLICLY say it. Raise hell. It's for your members.

Anonymous said...

I looked at my paystub: 5/15 - no extra days in CAR and no change in Pay

Anonymous said...

Chaz passed away a couple weeks ago. I'm hoping becomes the intellectual heir, this site has been invaluable.

The salary increase took effecct 05/14, would we expect 05/15 paystub to show the change in pay or would it be the next one?

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous Anonymous said...
If kids can carry the virus and show no symptoms, do we need to test them before schools open again? Will teachers be allowed to wear masks?
A lot of changed are going to happen.

Is danielson rubrics still really going to fit into the new age of teaching and evaluations ?

10:21 AM"

One of the problems with trying to test your way out of this Covid pandemic is you don't know who to test (many Covid folks are symptomless) and you don't know when to test and retest (folks can be infected a millisecond after they take a test).

California, BTW has burned through 36,000,000 tests already