Friday, April 01, 2011

The "Toxic Teacher" Who Is Also The "School Snitch".

In my old school, which is slated for closing. We had one of those "toxic teachers" who couldn't teach and students begged their guidance counselors to get them out of his class. I had written about him previously, Here and Here. and I do not need to rehash it in this post. To make matters worse he was the "school snitch" and didn't think twice about badmouthing other teachers to the Administration. However, the "school snitch", let's call him Mr. S. went even further in one case, Mr. S through the Principal, Snidely Whiplash, secretly contacted the "Special Commissioner of Investigations" (SCI) to accuse a recently removed teacher of making "secret deals" with the students to get them to leave Mr. S's class and enter the teacher's class. Let me paraphrase how SCI reported it.

The SCI investigator was contacted by the Principal, Snidely Whiplash, that Mr. S had some very important information that could help prove the rapidly weakening case against the recently removed teacher. However, Mr. S. did not want anybody to know that he was meeting with SCI and requested that he meet with them outside the school. The SCI Investigator could not believe his luck. All he had so far was third person hearsay, rumors, and high school gossip against the recently removed teacher and was hoping that Mr. S would provide the "smoking gun" needed to make a real case against the teacher. The SCI investigator asked Mr. S what he knew about the recently removed teacher. Mr S stated that he was sure the recently removed teacher demanded secret favors from students who wanted out of Mr. S class, mostly females. The SCI investigator asked him what kind of "favors" did the recently removed teacher demand? Mr. S response was "I don't know" but why would they leave my class unless their was some secret deals made with these students? The SCI investigator already had realized that the major misconduct the Principal, Snidely Whiplash, accused the recently removed teacher of committing was not true and he was considered a "great teacher" by the students he interviewed. After going to the school an unprecedented 8 times and not finding anything other than the usually hearsay, rumors, and typical High School gossip about the teacher, the investigator knew that what the Principal accused the recently removed teacher with was "bullshit". Now here was the "school snitch", Mr. S accusing the teacher with making deals without any evidence. By the time the interview was over it was quite obvious that the reason the students were leaving Mr. S class was that he was a "terrible teacher". The SCI investigator ignored Mr. S's accusations and finally closed the case despite complaints from the Principal that he did not look hard enough for the evidence of major misconduct which never materialized or ever occurred.

The recently removed teacher was found not to have committed any misconduct by an Arbitrator and was sent to another school to resume his career. What happened to the "toxic teacher", the "school snitch" Mr. S? Good news for the students he has only limited classroom interaction and is now a hallway Dean as he continues to "kiss up" to the Administration.`

What is most interesting Mr. S would not be in any danger of being fired under Bloomberg's Bill to end LIFO despite the fact he is a "terrible teacher" since he "kisses up" to the Administration.
Go figure.


Anonymous said...

Most school snitches seem to be the principals themselves.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps this snitch has a relative at Ft Hamilton HS if you read the story about the art teacher who was set up by the administration.

Snitches Get Stiches said...

I guess it proves the system works!

Anonymous said...

We have such a person at my school. Actual little teaching experience in the classroom, but has somehow, miraculously risen up through the ranks.

Obviously, this person has a "Godmother" or "Godfather" watching out for her, to ensure her success, particularly since her talents seem to be in the area of snitching on teachers for inconsequential infractions to her buddy, the school principal.