Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Why Does The DOE Violate Chancellor's Regulation C-770 When It Comes To Reassigning Teachers?

For some reason high-profiled teachers that the DOE has reassigned for alleged misconduct and awaiting their 3020-a hearings are being sent to different Boroughs from the schools that they are removed from.  This is in violation of the DOE's own regulations called Chancellor Regulation C-770.  Furthermore, this violates the spirit of the DOE/UFT contract that requires reassigned teachers be placed in their Districts or Borough Offices.

Chancellor Regulation C-770 states that any reassigned (suspended) teacher must be placed in his or her district unless there is extraordinary circumstances that requires a different placement.  The exact language is as follows:

5. Assignments for Suspended Employees Suspended employees are to be assigned within their own districts or divisions. Requests for a temporary change of assignment because of extraordinary circumstances must be directed in writing to the Executive Director of the Division of Human Resources, with supporting statements for the request. The Executive Director shall confer with the Office of Legal Services regarding this request. The employee is not to be reassigned from the district or division until written authorization has been granted.

The key here is the word "extraordinary".  The meaning of "extraordinary" is defined as"very unusual, and very different from normal". You would think that the DOE would have to prove that forcing a reassigned teacher to travel to another Borough meets that definition.  Instead if you are a high profiled blogger like Francesco Portelos, or South Bronx School, they retaliate against them by making them travel to a different Borough to sit and shuffle papers, if that.

This form of DOE retaliation must stop and the NYSUT attorneys must bring this up to arbitrators as being vindictive and a disparate treatment to their client. If the DOE cannot follow their own regulations then they should be punished for their abuse of power.  Nothing less would suffice.


Francesco Portelos said...

What about grieving? Oh wait, Gary Laveman, Stanley Fogel, Susan Mandel, Marcel Kshensky and the rest of the OLR circus deny it without real explanation. Then you have to wait a year for arbitration. Then if the arbitrator is like mine, it gets denied without the DOE needing any evidence. See here http://protectportelos.org/dear-arbitrator-wittenberg-doe-evidence-not-needed/

Anonymous said...

TO: Kathy Black
From: Eva Moskowitz
Dec 27, 2010

This is just one email sent from eva moskowitz to kathy black during the fiasco pay attention to what moskowitz writes....oh babi

Greetings Ms. Black. I am reaching out to see if I can get on your calendar as soon as possible. Would love to share an opportunity with you on what can and what should be accomplished with the 1110 days or so left in Mikes administration. Best Eva Moskowitz.
Wow, what an insight. This woman was counting the days 1110 or do the math 1110/365 days in year as to when mikey bloomshit was going to be gone. Can you believe this?? What a wacko!! Imagine anyone having to work with this self centered, creep, stingy cheap terd. Read more emails

Anonymous said...

interesting how she refers to days left of bloomberg rather than years! Wow, this reveals how this woman thinks. Who in their right mind would indicate how many days are left when in fact there was more than 3 years left in the bloomberg administration but moskowitz refers to the days???? Moskowitch knew her DAYS were numbered.....

Anonymous said...

You have to do story on the emails of our infamous chancellor non other than Ms.Kathy blackberry Black. The emails reveal how corrupt the DOE is in how they "prepare" documents for the times, post. Its amazing how the media does not pick up on the amusing emails and they are actually hard to find! Gotham schools stated they would talk about the emails this week but its Wednesday already and they haven't said a WORD! The conspiracy is fascinating to me as bloomshit has clearly bought the press by not publicizing the emails. ALSO, how conveniently the emails were finally released but it was on Friday evening at weeks end....pretty sneaky eh? We need to focus on these emails as they reveal not only how stupid black was, i.e. (what should I say? or where is my blackberry? or "it feels nice to be in a warm weather climate" or "I'm concerned about safety going to this school meeting" people like suransky emailing her what to say, the communications director telling her what to say....on and on.... OMG how corrupt bloomshit and his phoney cronies are