Thursday, April 20, 2017

Chancellor Carmen Farina Announces The Virtual Elimination Of Suspensions For Grades K-2 While Educators Are In Danger Of Arrest And Termination.

Starting yesterday, and over the vocal objections of school safety officers, the teachers, and Principal unions, disappointing Chancellor, Carmen Farina, announced the virtual elimination of suspensions for students in grades K to 2 and further limiting suspensions for the rest of the student body  That's right, all those wonderful little darlings that repeatedly disrupt the classroom, assault other children, and disrespect authority, will be getting a free pass to continue their negative behaviors without any real consequences.  Instead the little darlings will get a "warning card", restorative justice, or simple mediation. Good luck to that.

Oh yes, there are consequences for a child's negative behavior, its just not to the child but to the educators that dare physically confront these out of control children.  Just in the last month we had a teacher receive a 30 day jail term for attempting to keep a student who left his classroom without permission and tried to keep him from reentering the classroom who then proceeded to kick the door and scream in the hallways.  Now we have a Principal who defended a teacher who was attacked and slapped by a child and was arrested for his discipline.

How many educators have been removed from the New York City classroom and their schools for alleged corporal punishment or verbal abuse over the last year or so?  Two hundred?  Three hundred?  More?  How many of these reassignments of educators are due to the negative actions of the child?  I don't mean simple insubordination (not doing what the teacher requested).  I'm talking about violent incidents like assault, throwing chairs, menacing, and inappropriate touching of a sexual nature.  Yet, we treat all these students like their porcelain dolls marked fragile when some of these children are really on the path of being a menace to society.   Instead, of isolating the "worst of the worst" in small self-contained classes and give them and their family the professional help they need to become a better person, we dump these children on the educator to correct the problem in large class sizes, without providing them the tools necessary to help the child.  The result is when the educator tries to discipline the child for his or her negative behavior it can easily escalate to a physical confutation with negative consequences for the educator.

While I am not defending an educator who physically hurts or threatens with force a misbehaving student and they should be terminated if the child suffered a serious injury that resulted from the physical altercation.  Most educators are simply trying to defuse the explosive situation by restraining the child and holding them till the child calms down.  Unfortunately,  sometimes the educator's best of intentions backfires and we have a teacher given a 30 day jail sentence and a Principal arrested.

My best advice?  Be careful, be very careful when confronting a misbehaving student since the only suspension resulting in the interaction is your livelihood as an educator in the New York City Public School system.


Anonymous said...

I guess the DOE figures if they aren't suspending 14- 21 year olds for assaulting teachers, why should they for six and seven year olds? These little monsters might bring down their stats. This is all about giving the appearance of safety. The DOE doesn't care about anything or anyone other than those good stats. Anything bad happens blame the teacher first, then the principal - NEVER the student or the family.

Anonymous said...

People who are not teachers have no idea the kind of stuff that goes down in an inner city elementary school. After 20 years in, I tell my non-teacher friends the violent and crazy behaviors that little kids are capable of and they simply can't believe that they allow kids like that in public schools.

Anonymous said...

One day maybe we will have a union leader and a school chancellor that actually knows and cares about what is really happening in the classrooms. Till then we will only have credit recovery programs forced passing
And fake graduation rates.

Anonymous said...

The only way to change any of this is to take away mayoral control of the schools. This is all getting out of hand. What has to happen before Bill wakes the fuck up?

mjr2 said...

we are only getting what we deserve!!!

Anonymous said...

Most of you realize that our civilization is passing away. Education has become marxist indoctrination where the 'feelings' of the student are paramount and traditions of the past are derided as evil. White students today are taught to hate their own race, their history, their culture, their ancestors and even themselves. Black students are taught that they should be perpetually angry at all whites forever, even though most slavery was done by Arabs, fellow blacks and latinos in Latin America.

Immigrant students are quickly ushered into the victim culture and are taught that white people are their oppressors and enemies. White women are taught that white men are their enemy. (Marxists love to destroy the traditional family unit!) We are all taught that American culture is racist, evil, oppressive and that all non-white cultures are noble, good and inherently innocent of all crimes against humanity.

Our economy is hollowed out. Our demography is being transformed rapidly - an invasion without a conquering military force. Traditional codes of American life and organization are being dismantled. Kids in our schools can do almost anything they want short of killing someone and the preferred method of correction is now 'restorative justice' which is Marxist in style and nature. (Go through the training and see! They pretend it is 'based' on 'ancient Native American principles! Really?)

Our leaders in our cities openly side with criminal aliens over the native-born. Our laws are flouted. Proto-militias of rebels are even now organizing, based on race (Black Lives Matter, La Raza militants - yes they exist and are growing.) Calls for seperatism are increasing. The common language is being subsumed by a polyglot of tongues, all being catered to. Immigrants no longer assimilate, but we are told we are 'multi-cultural' now - which means foreign nations are setting up colonial outposts among us.

In short, don't be alarmed, surprised or amazed at how our schools are forever being watered down and turned into bizarre zones of illogic. It is a process. People are moving this forward with designs to 'collapse' the system and bring about a world of 'social justice' based on a hodgepodge of Marxism and cultural chauvinism. We are living at the end of the Empire. Weep for our children and grandchildren. The shing city on a hill is being dragged down into the mud pile of history.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately very true