Wednesday, April 12, 2017

How Eva Moscowitz's Success Academy Charter School Pushes Out Difficult Children.

In the Daily News today we have another case of Eva Moscowitz's Success Academy Charter School giving a 7 year old boy a 45 day suspension and when it was reduced by a DOE hearing officer, he was again suspended two days later for acting up in class.  A lawyer for the family said the following.

Brooklyn Legal Services attorney Nancy Bedard, who represents the boy, said the case illustrates how the city’s largest charter chain wants to purge difficult kids from its system — a claim Success has long denied.

Remember, it was another Brooklyn Success Academy Charter School who had a "got to go" list of unwanted students. In Fact, a report found that the Charter Schools had a policy of widespread dumping of struggling and misbehaving students.  The Gothamist printed an excerpt of the report Here.

Last year a federal investigation was launched against Success Academy for discrimination against disabled children and co-signed by City Council education committee chairman Daniel Dromm and supported by Public Advocate, Letitia James.  The investigation is ongoing.

Juan Gonzalez has written many articles on how Eva Moscowitz's Success Academy Charter Schools suspemd and push out students that don't fit the school's academic and or behavioral standards.  Here, Here, and Here

The bottom line is that if a school is allowed to suspend and remove their weakest students then the test score results cannot be compared to other schools and are invalid since it only represents the top half of so of the cohort of the school..


Anonymous said...

I love how the Daily News reported this today and all the NY Post had was a friggin' editorial on how charter schools are getting short changed for money.

Anonymous said...

As the charter schools cherry pick and counsel out their students, public school teachers are faced with higher percentages of challenging students. Then, public school teachers are crucified for the persistence of achievement gaps. In the future, all middle and lower class children will be chained to computers supervised by a few adult facilitators. The progeny of the rich and famous will continue to enjoy robust educational options featuring intellectual growth and creativity.

Abigail Shure

Anonymous said...

They're also going to eliminate the required number of instructional hours.

Anonymous said...

We all use the euphemism of 'challenging' but in the old days we used to say unruly, undisciplined, bad or out-of-control. Those were 'racist' terms though, so now we sugar coat it. Some kids are just impossible to teach in a regular setting.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed that Charter Schools only hire young teachers in their 20's, possibly 30's? Are there any teachers, (not admins) who are 40 and over? Why? And are there any teachers who 5 years or more? Why?

Anonymous said...

Check out the Success Academy in Rosedale. The principal is 29 years old (and an idiot). Her daddy is a disgraced former cop don't let the headlines fool ya. Corruption is key.