Saturday, July 02, 2016

The New York Post's Selective Memory When It Comes To The Bogus Graduation Rates.

I could only chuckle when the New York Post's Editorial Board criticized the rising graduation rate under Mayor Bill dr Blasio.  While the graduation rate does not reflect actual college and career readiness, that's always been the case  In fact, I ranked all unscreened Queens High Schools and found that the average graduation rate to college readiness was 3 to 1.  Schools with higher ratios were simply diploma mills and one could question whether the students actually received an education in these schools?

Interestingly, the New York Post never seemed to question the bogus graduation rates under Michael Bloomberg, despite the massive amount of phony credit recovery courses, academic fraud, and grade changing that occurred during his time as Mayor.  In fact, the New York Post Editorial Board hailed Michael Bloomberg's education policy as a success and pointed to the very same rising graduation rates they now criticize under Mayor Bill de Blasio.  This was, despite 77.6% of high school graduates needing remedial courses in college.

Unfortunately, Bill de Blasio has made no significant changes to the New York City schools.  He chose a Tweed insider, Carmen Farina, as Chancellor, who retained 80% of the Bloomberg policymakers and kept the destructive "fair student funding" which forced schools to hire "the cheapest and not best teachers" for their schools and even froze school funding at 86% of what it should be. In fact, things have become worse as he allowed cellphones in the schools and weakened the student discipline code, while keeping many of the Bloomberg policies in place like large class sizes, incompetent and vindictive principals, and the overall "education on the cheap" policies.

 Maybe the New York Post Editorial Board should investigate the bloated DOE budget and determine why the resources are not getting to the schools and more importantly, the students?  Now that would be a worthy editorial.


Anonymous said...

70% of the entering students at the community college where I am an adjunct require remedial classes. That seems to be the norm nowadays.

Abigail Shure

NYC Educator said...

I am always amazed that the Post and others choose to view de Blasio as a commie hippie weirdo for his mild opposition to charters. In fact, with the help of UFT leadership, he negotiated the worst pattern bargain every for city workers. He negotiated two-tier due process for teachers. These are things that Michael Bloomberg could only have wet dreams about.

Anonymous said...

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