Friday, July 22, 2016

Finally, Michael Mulgrew Backs Teachers On The Weakened Student Discipline Code.

One of my major criticisms with our disconnected union leadership was that they were more interested in playing nice with the De Blasio/Farina administration then advocate for teachers.  They even negotiated a contract that was highly favorable to the City with minuscule raises and money that had winners and losers and did not make members whole until 2020.  In addition, it screwed the majority of municipal unions who had received their 2009-10 raises.  Finally, the contract made ATRs second class citizens, the only union that allowed "givebacks".  Remember, our union agreed to evaluate teachers on "junk Science", supported Common Core, and claimed victory when only 70% of the peer validators (the rat squad) found teachers "ineffective", which leads to almost certain termination in the new 3020-a regulations.

I have found one area that our union leadership has backed teachers, that is their objection to the weakening of the student discipline code that has increasingly made schools unsafe.  Even the CSA has objected to the De Blasio/Farina administration weakening student discipline.  Both the UFT and CSA believe that school administrators are downgrading serious incidents and refuse to report even criminal incidents for fear of retribution by the DOE.  To the school administration its easier to reprimand little Johnny and send him back to class to disrupt the other students then fill out the paperwork and get permission from the Superintendent to appeal to DOE central for a suspension.

Parents, who:s students come home and report how the administration refuses to take action on disruptive and violent students will either pull out their child out of the school and most certainly never send any other of their academically performing students to that school   That's why the Renewal Schools do so terrible.  It does not take a rocket scientist to realize that a lax student discipline culture at a school is not conducive to academic achievement.

To me, as, a teacher and parent it's more important to protect the children of the school and to run a peaceful classroom then continually allow badly behaved and disruptive students to repeatedly go back to the classroom after a restorative justice session only to act up time and again. The De Blasio/Farina weakened discipline code is an academic disaster for the majority of students in the New York City Public Schools. 



Bronx ATR said...

Amen. DeBlasio won't listen though - it works in the suburbs therefore it should work in the inner city. Is the CSA and UFT implying that NYC students are worse than suburban students? Therefore this policy will not be changed.

Anonymous said...

At my Renewal school, we staff members basically are powerless. The kids come and go, they use cellphones, they eat in class, they largely do little work and they disrupt at will. I cannot imagine a world where a TEACHER is in front of the room speaking to the class, and 90% of the students are completely ignoring the adult. It is breathtaking. How the world has changed (and the demographics of our nation).

Those teachers who actually report students to the office are accused of not being able to control their classes and get extra scrutiny. The rest of us learned, as of about three years ago, to shut our mouths and just deal with the trouble. We also have to pass nearly everyone whether they deserve it or not, and amongst ourselves we all recognize this, because any teacher who has tried to 'hold the students accountable' has been harassed and - if they are untenured - fired.

Anonymous said... is it surprising that these thugs will resist , and even curse out a Police Officer , and worse, out in the street? "Unfortunately, some of them are shot dead. This entire urban public school environment is a complete fraud, sham, crime, waste of tax dollars. These schools are merely Welfare State daytime playgrounds. It's a disgrace ...

Anonymous said...

I really wish the haters here would knock it off, we get it and you.

I teach in the city and I have plenty of kids who probably live next to 12:33pm's students. And, most of them are lovely, work hard and succeed.

A weak administration really does damage. Good schools that lose discipline loses the ability to control even good students. I wish administrators who spend their time going after teachers spend their time controlling the kids in schools (all schools). It makes a difference.

Chaz said...

Anon 12:10

Sure, there are haters but their also are apologists that comment on my blog and while I believe both groups are wrong I will not censor anybody's opinion just because I disagree with them.

Lisa Kropp said...

You have put it so perfectly. And yes, God forbid you should report these students or go and complain about them, then you are labeled as a person who cannot control his or her class. Sadly there are no consequences anymore and the kids know it. They can do whatever they want and why shouldn't they. No one can say anything to them or do anything to them of any consequence, or their parents will call 311, so why should they listen to anyone? It truly is breathtaking how things have changed.